Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Can't Sanction the End Zone

So far this year Reggie Bush has broken: 1. my heart and 2. his leg. Anyone who has read me before, knows that I am holding what can only be described as more than a slight grudge against Reggie. Having said that I don't wish injury on anyone, even VY. However, this morning when I started talking about Reggie's leg with SB he said, "poor guy. He's had a rough week." And I agree, in part. I'm sure it is very hard to give back the Heisman, to be the center of a scandal, and then to break your leg on top of it. But its not like these things "just happened" to him. He gave back the Heisman as, in my opinion, a brilliant PR move, and the scandal and reasoning behind the move are all direct consequences to Bush's own actions. Should I feel terrible for a guy who made a mistake and now has some consequences. Especially when it seems he is getting off lightly with respect to the sanctions that USC is facing? I do feel bad about his leg. It hurts, both physically and his team. But he'll be back and playing this year. And I feel that the Saints will be fine without him. I don't think anyone deserves an injury, but I am definitely not losing sleep over this. Karma is a b$tch.

In other SC news, JamieSC on twitter turned me on to this blog, Lost Angeles, yesterday, and let me just say, it is brilliant. I am more than slightly envious of this dude. Everyone should check it out, informative and highly hysterical.

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