Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Loss #1

I started the season predicting the Packers would go 12-4, so a loss should not really be any surprise. I have to admit though, this one was shocking!

I could dissect it, say we gave the game away - which we did - with our 18 (18!!!!) penalties, horrendous special teams play and complete lack of a running game, but quite honestly I can't even be mad about it anymore. There were so many issues with players, with coaches (why the challenge, and why not just let them score????), with a complete lack of discipline that left this very elite team looking a hot mess, but I can't "get up" for it. I shouldn't have to yell. So I'm not going to. These are professional coaches and players, and yes its the same old mistakes (who needs special teams and time outs??), but I am going to reserve my yelling unless this happens again. I would be lying if I said that I didn't think the Packers had that type of performance in them. Any true Packer fans, sports fan, knows that at least once (hopefully not terribly more than that) your team will implode upon itself (most likely when the most people are watching) and be completely exposed for the fraud that it is. I am not surprised this happened; I want to see the reaction. How will the Packers come out against the Lions (poor Lions) this weekend? Will any changes be made? Will veterans stop making rookie mistakes? will Crosby stop kicking the ball out of bounds? Will McCarthy stop wasting challenges? I know things look bleak, especially in MM's presser from yesterday (Mike, there was no run game, it wasn't productive, and Clifton does have a performance issue), but if there's one thing I have learned as a die-hard Packer fan, its holding out hope that the ship will right its course. There are enough good pieces (GREAT pieces) to this team that when every thing is clicking, the Packers can be unstoppable. If Monday night showed us anything, its that other teams can not stop the Packers, the Packers can stop the Packers. So I'm not jumping ship - in fact I'm Leo running up to the front (don't know ship terms) with arms outstretched. We've seen the worse. It can only go up from here.

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