Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are you FREAKING kidding me?!!!

I'm writing this here because pretty sure Alex and Lounge Readers don't want to listen to my SC/NCAA/Cam Newton Rant. But Hot Damn, this is pure cow bull crap!

It took the NCAA committee four years and a fake photo to conclude that there was wrong doing by USC regarding Reggie Bush and Bush's parents getting money (house). And in a matter of weeks, the NCAA has concluded that Newton's father and another nameless person requested money for Cam to attend a school but Cam knew nothing and therefore is completely eligible. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went on record saying that I think the NCAA acted too harshly with false evidence, but I cut Reggie out of my life. I said, F U, you hurt my program. I played along. Walked around spouting Bowls are for Salads and wore the probation with pride. And now you're telling me that someone who ACTUALLY cheated, THE SCHOOL THAT ACTUALLY RECEIVED A BENEFIT where as USC received nothing, (Bush was persuaded to leave not stay) GETS NO PUNISHMENT! Newton can compete, can win a national championship AND WIN and keep a heisman! This is bogus. Newton is a great player. I think he has earned the Heisman, but based on what happened to Reg and USC, there is no way that this kid should be playing and get the Heisman. I WANT OUR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BACK!!! I want to scream from the top of my lungs that this is officially the stupidest day in the history of days (sports related - look at me being logical mid rant, I am so cool!)

Today's trip to the gym is going to be a good one, a lot of angst today. I AM FULL OF RAGE. ANGRY JAYME!!! I WANT MY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BACK AND I WANT TO GO TO A BOWL!!