Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who Moved My Cheese Curds 10.28.10

From tonight's episode of Cheesehead Radio:

Growing up I rarely listened to the TV announcers during football games, my Grandmother had a deep, passionate love for Jim and Max which was carried on through me. When I moved away from Wisconsin, I felt like a child thrust into a new world without my friendly and competent radio broadcasters. Since then, I have always been a little more than harsh TV football announcers, but this year it seems to be worse than ever.

During my Monday drive home, listening to a Cincinnati local sports broadcaster, who I generally don't like, this face was ever more so drilled into my skull. Apparently, the CBS team on Sunday decided to list Antwan Odom in the starting line up for the Bengals versus the Falcons. Odom is hurt. And suspend and was definitely NOT on the field. And while this bothered the radio jockey a little, he then spent the next ten plus minutes detailing what CBS got right that Sunday - and I'm quoting from his blog here - CBS got "multiple shots of a pretty solid-looking Falcon cheerleader squad." The host and his sidekick then went on to debate the quality of the Falcon's cheerleaders versus that of the Ben-Gals, and which NFL teams have the best cheer squad. I turned the radio off before hearing the end of the debate.

I get that I'm not in the typical demographic of sports watchers, and I understand that the majority of 18 to 40 year old guys like cheerleaders, but have we really sunk so low in our expectations that all that is required are quality shots of the cheerleaders.

The CBS crew is not alone in its lapse. Packer fans have had to endure hearing announcers say that Dorsey Levens is in the back field and how tired Cullen Jenkins must be after playing...not a single snap. And apparently no one can say the name Kuhn. And I'm still waiting to find out who Trey-mon Williams, Mike Flynn and Jeremiah Finley are. Let's face it, the quality of broadcasting this year has been pathetic. Announcers and their technical crew have only one game to prepare for each week - it shouldn't be so hard. So announcers, networks, step it up! Learn the roster, at least know the starters! Because my standard is higher than you simply being able to make hot chicks appealing.

la Dia de la roja

Calling all USC fans!

1. Where is your cardinal? Is it clean? Is it ready to go at the butt ass crack of dawn on Saturday? Prepare yourself!

2. While you're digging through the closet and trying on different looks, read this. Chuckle, get pumped up and crush some duck!


Friday Night Lights - Expectations

I can't help but think the title of the premiere of the final season of Friday Night Lights had to do not only with the plot of the show but also with us fans. Expectations. After a long long off season (at least for those of us who didn't watch it on NBC) and much anticipation and media hype, there are at least a couple of expectations for the final season.

But let's get into the show. I was not disappointed. I rarely am. We start with our Lions, fresh off of last seasons final game victory against the now evil Panthers. They are the talk of the town. And are going to play some clearly stronger opponent that the person on the radio thinks they have no business playing. We see Luke and Vince running together, topless - thanks Directv no better way to start the show then making me feel like a cougar, and therefore we know they're totally cool now and are leaders of the team. Tink - who will later kiss a pig and is a pretty awesome guy is driving the car next to them. Fat jokes abound in my head.

Then we take a trip to the joint to visit Matyr Tim Riggins. He's still tough, telling Billy that he doesn't need as many visits from Billy and Becky, and he's still got his whit "can't be your biggest cheerleader, I'm in jail." Billy wants to coach football, as that's the way to right the gigantic wrongs in his life and apparently will learn to stop making dumb choices through osmosis of standing as close to Coach Taylor as possible. This news seems to upset Tim. "Coach coached me." But he's in jail so tough for him. The producers clearly made the right choice and placed Tim in white as the usual prison orange would have been very unflattering.

Becky meanwhile is living at her mom's house with her step mom. (still not fully clear how that set up worked) Mom is on a boat, dad is in a truck and step mom likes to drink and smoke around the baby while being concerned about the kid choking. So Becks goes to live with the Riggins, why not? They're her family now.

Julie and Landry are leaving for college. Julie argues with her mom because Mrs. Taylor now has the ever demanding job of guidance counselor at the poor school. And Landry wants "an epic" last night so he plans a Crucifictorius show. The show isn't the biggest hit, despite having fans that seem to know the words to the songs....and he ends up at the Landing Strip thanks to Julie, who then ditches him there. He also stops by Matt's grandma's house, and she's wearing shoes and nail polish. She now apparently likes Landry and has his music on her "mp" player. Mostly the scene makes Matt look like a douche, but I think its just trying to play a nice little wrap up for us. Matt's still gone, grandma still has problems and now there's a nurse involved - one that since Matt isn't here, he can't sleep with. Julie leaves for school and I tear up, but not before playing one last game of ping pong with Coach.

Jesse is now with Vince. And is now the sole parental figure in her household. Her dad left to turn the store into a franchise and the Aunt only seems to be around at convient script times. With Landry leaving, there needs to be another corner to our love triangle. Enter Hastings Ruckle. Tall, kinda wierd looking, perfect for Jesse. Coach Taylor commits the apparently outrageous crime of "stealing" a basketball player for the football team, and hippie runs a route at the end of the game and out jumps the defender to score the go ahead touchdown.

That brings us back to the game. The Lions go down early. Of course, but they fight back and on a great play fake on the two point conversion at the end of the game, the beat whatever better team they were playing. They're on the map now. What will our underdogs do now that they aren't so scrappy? We will have to wait and see. Will principal Taylor be able to save some of the wayward children? Will Crucifictorius be enought to bring Landry back to Dillon? Will crazy named Hastings cause some drama? and will Vince go to USC? only time will tell. I'm in for the ride, and I hope you are too!

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ouch charlie, that really hurt

everytime I watch Charlie bit me, I laugh. And I don't feel bad about it. Contexually, its really funny. But having worked in day care for over two years I have very real life experiences with children biting other children. It's not a laughing matter. Some kids draw blood; others leave bruises that last for weeks. And parents, parents never take kindly to the news that their child was bit or that their child is "the biter". There have been many tense moments staring into a parent's face giving them the news or icing a child's arm wiping their tears. Yet Charlie biting his brother is hysterical to me.

Sports injuries are no laughing matter. Lately there's been a lot of talk about knees and heads. I don't want anyone to get hurt. I am one of the strongest supporters of the NFL's new concussion and helmet to helmet policies. And being a fan of a professional team that can nearly field an NBA team with the number of people they have on injured reserve; there logically should be no reason for me to laugh at a sports injury. And while I didn't laugh, or even chuckle, I would be lying if I said I didn't crack a smile when B Favre ended his super strange post game press conference by grabbing on to the railing and hobbling off stage. I'm not over joyed that he has broken his ankle in two seperate places, but I'm not crushed. This probably makes me a horrible person, but truthfully I'm okay with that.

I admired Favre's toughness for most of the years of my life. From spitting up blood on the sideline versus Pittsburgh to not being able to feel his arm in 2006. From leaving games and havng TJ Rubley fumble the snap and knowing that of course Favre would be back. I don't sit at home at night and wish his start streak would end for any other reason than he finally decides to leave us alone and retire. I would like Favre to take this ankle opportunity and sit. End the streak where it began. Take some time to really evaluate this injury. But Favre doesn't do what I want. He doesn't do what anyone but Favre wants. And so we'll all just have to wait and see what he feels like doing on Sunday. If he does start the game simply to get one snap and then sit, I will be singing a different tune, and probably be driving somewhere to yell or smack someone.

In other news, Friday Night Lights starts up again tomorrow. And I plan to try to do a recap/review for this last season.

Poetic Justice

Last night SB brought to my attention something that I am almsot ashamed to say that I did not think of on my own. It would be nearly perfect if Favre's streak were to end now. It started and then ended at Lambeau. I have no idea if Favre will play Sunday; history tells me that I will have grandchildren before Favre hangs it up. However, if he really can't go, I will acknowledge the monster achievement of his starting streak, and think it would be pretty sweet if it were the Packers and Lambeau to be the ones to end it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Victory Dance and Sleepy Eyes

I woke up this morning at 7:42. And with losing my keys, I still made it to work - dressed, hair brushed and make up on - by 8:10. I consider that one of the many great victories from this weekend.

Let's recap; Chicharito es muy perfecion y te amo! Rooney wanted to leave Man U and then realized he didn't so he stayed and then turned 25. Vidic also had a birthday. Another number one team in college football fell, Oregon despite killing fUcla did not become number one in the BCS - computers hate Ducks - and hopefully never will be number one, as USC will crush them on Saturday at homecoming. Not many SC fans read my blog, but if you do and you're going to homecoming, wear red. I got a new SC shirt this week, and found the most perfect cardinal eyeshadow so I'm all set for Saturday.

And then there was last night.

There are no words. Mostly because I am a zombie at work today and my brain has lost the ability to properly function. So I will let this picture speak for me

What made the game even more perfection was Favre's post game presser. Sounded like a really old grandfather at a family dinner telling a story that rambles on without a point, that you can't follow and you have to keep leaning in to hear what they're saying cause they talk so low....and then he limped off the stage.

In other news, yesterday also marked Greg Bedard's last game covering the Packers. I heard he cried this morning. Wuss! :) He will be missed.

Also, I will be on Cheesehead Radio this week, and for the next three weeks (? don't quote me on that, there might be a week off, brain can't do math). So don't miss it.

Another also, SB might have broken his wrist yesterday playing soccer. Doctor's appointment today. I'm so over people who think soccer is a whimpy sport. Players run for approx. six miles a game with metal spikes on their feet and the only protection is a flimsy piece of plastic on their shins.

In completely non sports news, I found out today that I am allergic to fake nails. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the battlefield

I came out of the weekend unscathed. But unfortunately not every one else was as lucky.

USC lost again on a last second field goal. I lost my feed after they scored the go ahead touchdown. I spent the rest of the night mad at SB for not letting my watch the rest of the game.

Then it was the showdown in our living room. He won; I lost. Luckily I had Brian Carriveau and the rest of the cheesehead tv gang to keep my company and distracted. I wanted a hug from SB, but he brought me a beer. As my best friend Katey said, "that's hug in guy speak."

I can definitely say that I am more impressed with the way SB and I handled ourselves (although I did have a mini freak out pregame as I was making breakfast and was running late and didn't get to enter MM's quotes into the live blog) than I am impressed with the way the Redskins and the Packers handled themselves. I think I will live with the "dunk" sound of Mason's kick hitting the upright for a really long time.

I said on the post game show, while the injuries seem nearly insurmountable - and quite honestly I can't even figure out what our starting defense will be, I don't think that's our biggest problem. Two clear things are different this year from last year. 1. production on third down and 2 the big play making ability - ie. turnover - of our defense. Last year Arod was the best quarterback on third down, right now we have an abysmal third down conversion rate. Last year, if the other team was driving late, I felt pretty confident that eventually Nick Collins would step in front of a pass and end the whole thing. Yes, the injuries play a role, but if we could somehow find a way to better our production at turnovers and third downs the world would be a much happier place.

In other news, slightly non -sports related, I started my new job this week. My availability on here and twitter might be lessened during the day, but I am really happy about where things are right now and this new opportunity.

Also, I have a lot to say about Favre/Dongs/Interceptions, but I'm saving that for a BrentFavre post hopefully to come out sometime this week.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And scene...

Late night, Chilly's office

BF: Dude man, we need to talk. You didn't tell me this team would be crap.
Chilly: Well maybe if there weren't so many intercept...
BF: WHAT did you just say to me? I'm Brent Favre, no wait, Lord Voldemort, oh hell, you know who I am, I am perfect, I am a god, this is not my fault. You need to fix this.
Chilly: (cowering in corner) Yes, Brent, I'm mean Lord, I mean...
BF: you know what to call me
Chilly: Sorry, Yes Daddy, but what should I do?
BF: Get that guy Moss in here, the one the Packers wouldn't give me, not the other one. He'll know how to catch my balls.
Chilly: Yes Daddy. Anything else?
BF: Where's my phone, and my crocs, and my balls, I got work to do!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More crazy make up lesson

More Packer Make Up tutorials.

Can't embed it but seriously, there's just so much make up involved. I will say though, this chica did incorporate old Packers music like "I'm a cheesehead baby" and "The Packerena"

So Much make up

This one let me embed.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'd be "lion" if I said I was happy about this weekend


We need to take this in steps.

1. USC.
I don't like playing Sark. Can we just say that from now on? How many years will pass until this stops being a payback/welcome back/old friends and foes game? Honestly, I didn't want the game. Ridiculous, I know. I had more pressing issues of a 4 year olds birthday. But anyways, I think I handle this loss well. Perhaps because I was following the game via gamecast from the front seat of my car parked in the Bigg's parking lot, or perhaps because honestly the number of losses really doesn't affect anything this year. For the next two years USC can define itself differently than before. Yes, we want to win games. But winning all games gets us no further than winning no games. This year really is about the team and the school's ability to fight on. So, I'm taking this loss in stride, walking as arrogantly as possible shouting (okay, not really shouting more like whispering under my breath) "You can't sanction the end zone" and "Lane F#$%ing Kiffin!" I really want us to weather this storm.

2. Manchester United.
So not even the locker room wanted Man U to win. A sewage pipe burst in the Manchester United locker room before the game causing a twenty minute delay of kick off, a very unpleasant odor and the loss of many suits. But more distressing was the starting line up. Hey, so Rooney's hurt. That's okay, we got Berb. Oh, but wait, lets not start him. Let's start Owen and Macheda! Owen has been playing decent ball with the B team and reserves, but throwing him up there by himself, not the wisest. And Macheda...okay we all remember those couple of games late two seasons ago when he was the hero. But starting, really? I would have much preferred Owen and Berb starting with Macheda and Chicharito as subs off the bench. Chicharito did get to sub in, but failed to provide the spark that was so desperately needed. Man U is in third right now, so its not completely time to panic, but their ship seems off course, and if they keep dropping points, walking away with ties, this could end up being a very long season for the red devils.

In other EPL news, West Brom (yes, WBA) is 6th. SIXTH right now. And Liverpool is in the relegation zone.

3. The Packers.
I love one o'clock games. LOVE them. Get to fully enjoy the pregame, and when the game is done, get enough time to rest off the beers before bed time. Coming off the loss to the bears (who looked completely awful versus the Giants and the Packers got a look at what Monday night could have been if they wouldn't have shot themselves in the foot) the Packers needed to bounce back. The game should, like most games thus far this season, the promise and the weakness of the team. When given the opportunity, there seems to be nothing that Aaron Rodgers can't do. But the game plan did not allow for that. For about half the snaps, it seemed like the offense finally got it, you can't run Jackson up the middle, and Kuhn can't run to the side. But on the other half of the snaps, the play calling made little sense. Send Kuhn out on a wide run on a short third down. Start drives off with a long bomb with a receiver double covered. To me, it seemed like half the calls were scripted and did not necessarily match the spot on the field, the down and distance, or the timing of the game. The offense seemed to be completely on track on its first and its last drive of the game. What happened in the middle is beyond me.

And then there's the defense. Its starting to remind me of Pete Carroll's defense at USC in his final years there. They cause big plays, sacks and turnovers, but they don't always stop the drive. I will say that holding the Lions to field goals at the end did turn out to be the winning formula, but again we are faced with the question, is this enough for a team with super bowl aspirations? And then there were the injuries. Rookie stand out Morgan Burnett out for the season. News just came out that perhaps Chillar could be out for the season as well. We still have two games until the PUP guys can even think about coming back, and who knows about their conditioning and game readiness. I fully believed after the Chicago game that this was a team that can solve its problems. And to a point, I still believe that. But every week it seems that new problems arise as we solve the old ones. Case in point, against the Lions the Packers only had three penalties, Crosby managed to keep all kicks in bounds, and Tramon looked better than average in the return game. As we solve some of these problems, Jordy Nelson decides to present us with a new one, he's decided to stop hanging on to the ball. And Matshay decided that kicking the ball as far as I can is far enough.

Let me say this, I am not off the bandwagon. In fact, I was "yelling" at people on Sunday, reminding them during their complaining that the Packers were, in fact, winning the game. But I am a little cautious. I believe that the Redskins game will be a big one for the Packers. The Redskins are a little like the Packers. Good pieces, slightly inconsistent play. What the Packers need to do is to stop the bleeding now. Make some choices, even tough ones on areas that we are struggling, replace the injured people with either someone consistent who can play the role or with a couple new packages. If the Packers go into FedEx field and beat the Redskins, even if it is a little sloppy, I believe we will be righting the ship. Go in and play like they did versus the bears, and there could be some rocky seas ahead. Also to note, SB is a Redskins fan. He was swearing at the TV yesterday. Seeing as we're both emotional sports watchers, I stated now that it just is not a good idea to watch the game together. For the sake of our relationship, and the ear drums of our neighbors.