Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who Moved My Cheese Curds 10.28.10

From tonight's episode of Cheesehead Radio:

Growing up I rarely listened to the TV announcers during football games, my Grandmother had a deep, passionate love for Jim and Max which was carried on through me. When I moved away from Wisconsin, I felt like a child thrust into a new world without my friendly and competent radio broadcasters. Since then, I have always been a little more than harsh TV football announcers, but this year it seems to be worse than ever.

During my Monday drive home, listening to a Cincinnati local sports broadcaster, who I generally don't like, this face was ever more so drilled into my skull. Apparently, the CBS team on Sunday decided to list Antwan Odom in the starting line up for the Bengals versus the Falcons. Odom is hurt. And suspend and was definitely NOT on the field. And while this bothered the radio jockey a little, he then spent the next ten plus minutes detailing what CBS got right that Sunday - and I'm quoting from his blog here - CBS got "multiple shots of a pretty solid-looking Falcon cheerleader squad." The host and his sidekick then went on to debate the quality of the Falcon's cheerleaders versus that of the Ben-Gals, and which NFL teams have the best cheer squad. I turned the radio off before hearing the end of the debate.

I get that I'm not in the typical demographic of sports watchers, and I understand that the majority of 18 to 40 year old guys like cheerleaders, but have we really sunk so low in our expectations that all that is required are quality shots of the cheerleaders.

The CBS crew is not alone in its lapse. Packer fans have had to endure hearing announcers say that Dorsey Levens is in the back field and how tired Cullen Jenkins must be after playing...not a single snap. And apparently no one can say the name Kuhn. And I'm still waiting to find out who Trey-mon Williams, Mike Flynn and Jeremiah Finley are. Let's face it, the quality of broadcasting this year has been pathetic. Announcers and their technical crew have only one game to prepare for each week - it shouldn't be so hard. So announcers, networks, step it up! Learn the roster, at least know the starters! Because my standard is higher than you simply being able to make hot chicks appealing.

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