Monday, October 25, 2010

Victory Dance and Sleepy Eyes

I woke up this morning at 7:42. And with losing my keys, I still made it to work - dressed, hair brushed and make up on - by 8:10. I consider that one of the many great victories from this weekend.

Let's recap; Chicharito es muy perfecion y te amo! Rooney wanted to leave Man U and then realized he didn't so he stayed and then turned 25. Vidic also had a birthday. Another number one team in college football fell, Oregon despite killing fUcla did not become number one in the BCS - computers hate Ducks - and hopefully never will be number one, as USC will crush them on Saturday at homecoming. Not many SC fans read my blog, but if you do and you're going to homecoming, wear red. I got a new SC shirt this week, and found the most perfect cardinal eyeshadow so I'm all set for Saturday.

And then there was last night.

There are no words. Mostly because I am a zombie at work today and my brain has lost the ability to properly function. So I will let this picture speak for me

What made the game even more perfection was Favre's post game presser. Sounded like a really old grandfather at a family dinner telling a story that rambles on without a point, that you can't follow and you have to keep leaning in to hear what they're saying cause they talk so low....and then he limped off the stage.

In other news, yesterday also marked Greg Bedard's last game covering the Packers. I heard he cried this morning. Wuss! :) He will be missed.

Also, I will be on Cheesehead Radio this week, and for the next three weeks (? don't quote me on that, there might be a week off, brain can't do math). So don't miss it.

Another also, SB might have broken his wrist yesterday playing soccer. Doctor's appointment today. I'm so over people who think soccer is a whimpy sport. Players run for approx. six miles a game with metal spikes on their feet and the only protection is a flimsy piece of plastic on their shins.

In completely non sports news, I found out today that I am allergic to fake nails. :)

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