Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the battlefield

I came out of the weekend unscathed. But unfortunately not every one else was as lucky.

USC lost again on a last second field goal. I lost my feed after they scored the go ahead touchdown. I spent the rest of the night mad at SB for not letting my watch the rest of the game.

Then it was the showdown in our living room. He won; I lost. Luckily I had Brian Carriveau and the rest of the cheesehead tv gang to keep my company and distracted. I wanted a hug from SB, but he brought me a beer. As my best friend Katey said, "that's hug in guy speak."

I can definitely say that I am more impressed with the way SB and I handled ourselves (although I did have a mini freak out pregame as I was making breakfast and was running late and didn't get to enter MM's quotes into the live blog) than I am impressed with the way the Redskins and the Packers handled themselves. I think I will live with the "dunk" sound of Mason's kick hitting the upright for a really long time.

I said on the post game show, while the injuries seem nearly insurmountable - and quite honestly I can't even figure out what our starting defense will be, I don't think that's our biggest problem. Two clear things are different this year from last year. 1. production on third down and 2 the big play making ability - ie. turnover - of our defense. Last year Arod was the best quarterback on third down, right now we have an abysmal third down conversion rate. Last year, if the other team was driving late, I felt pretty confident that eventually Nick Collins would step in front of a pass and end the whole thing. Yes, the injuries play a role, but if we could somehow find a way to better our production at turnovers and third downs the world would be a much happier place.

In other news, slightly non -sports related, I started my new job this week. My availability on here and twitter might be lessened during the day, but I am really happy about where things are right now and this new opportunity.

Also, I have a lot to say about Favre/Dongs/Interceptions, but I'm saving that for a BrentFavre post hopefully to come out sometime this week.

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