Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who moved my cheese curds 9.30.10

In case you missed it, here's my rant from tonight's Cheesehead Radio (thanks again to them for letting me on air!!)

This week, there were actually many, too too many, things to rant about. McCarthy’s infatuation with the challenge flag, Mason Crosby’s complete infatuation with the sideline, and everyone complete infatuation with penalities…but this week I would like to focus not on the Green Bay Packers Players, despite their many attempts to earn it, no, I’m focusing on us. Here is my two-fold rant on the fans.

1. Being a fan of professional sports has always been an act of believing in the miraculous. I have little respect for the fans that midway through Monday Night’s third quarter were hanging up their towels and calling it a year. Did the Packers look atrocious? YES! A very emphatic yes. But they also demonstrated the ability to perform lights out, at will. I was raised to believe that even with :02 seconds left in a game, you still stood, chanted, prayed, paced, etc willing your team to victory. I have vivid memories, as I’m sure most fans do of the waning moments of the 1997 super bowl. I walked in circles around my kitchen table until the very last moment of Chumra laying on the turf the ball bouncing away from him. Painful yes. But I’m glad I watched. I also remember the Monday Night San Francisco game from 1996, when Robert Brooks got hurt and it felt like our entire year was going to slip away. And then Antonio Freemen gets up after the ref decided Marquez Pope did not down him, and runs and runs and runs. And Chris Jacke made the great 53 yard kick to secure victory. Both of those plays were purely magical and were only witnessed and performed by those who did not give up. Giving up in the third quarter, giving up three games in is not a true fan. So you know what, I’m still saying Super Bowl or Die and its because I still believe it.

2. Fan involved in the altercation with Nick Collins, I’m looking at you now. Back in the fall of 2000, as a bright eyed freshmen at USC I was involved in an altercation in the stands. The Trojans were awful that year, and Notre Dame was playing great football. As the final game of the season came to a close and the Trojans accepted their 7th defeat that year, a couple of very drunk Notre Dame fans entered the student section and began to taunt us. Annoyed, disheartened and angry that they were on our “turf” I threw my pom pom at them. Looking back now I am not completely proud of that moment, but there we were fans jarring with other fans. Fans have every right to talk trash to other fans. Fans have no right to talk to
trash, especially on a personal level, to a player. The player actually was on the field, actually working and making plays, you mister yell slurs as a player is walking to the locker room, you sat on your butt all game. You want to talk trash to a player, then learn to play the game, spend hours/months/years training and maybe then you can say something. Until then, sit down, joke with your friends
about the greatness of Jay Cutler, and no mouth guards will be thrown at
you. And Mr. Collins, I get that you regret your actions, it’s a feeling I am familiar with, but I sir am behind you 110% and I probably would have thrown a lot more than a mouth guard.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Loss #1

I started the season predicting the Packers would go 12-4, so a loss should not really be any surprise. I have to admit though, this one was shocking!

I could dissect it, say we gave the game away - which we did - with our 18 (18!!!!) penalties, horrendous special teams play and complete lack of a running game, but quite honestly I can't even be mad about it anymore. There were so many issues with players, with coaches (why the challenge, and why not just let them score????), with a complete lack of discipline that left this very elite team looking a hot mess, but I can't "get up" for it. I shouldn't have to yell. So I'm not going to. These are professional coaches and players, and yes its the same old mistakes (who needs special teams and time outs??), but I am going to reserve my yelling unless this happens again. I would be lying if I said that I didn't think the Packers had that type of performance in them. Any true Packer fans, sports fan, knows that at least once (hopefully not terribly more than that) your team will implode upon itself (most likely when the most people are watching) and be completely exposed for the fraud that it is. I am not surprised this happened; I want to see the reaction. How will the Packers come out against the Lions (poor Lions) this weekend? Will any changes be made? Will veterans stop making rookie mistakes? will Crosby stop kicking the ball out of bounds? Will McCarthy stop wasting challenges? I know things look bleak, especially in MM's presser from yesterday (Mike, there was no run game, it wasn't productive, and Clifton does have a performance issue), but if there's one thing I have learned as a die-hard Packer fan, its holding out hope that the ship will right its course. There are enough good pieces (GREAT pieces) to this team that when every thing is clicking, the Packers can be unstoppable. If Monday night showed us anything, its that other teams can not stop the Packers, the Packers can stop the Packers. So I'm not jumping ship - in fact I'm Leo running up to the front (don't know ship terms) with arms outstretched. We've seen the worse. It can only go up from here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bears Still Suck Day 8

This guy has one very clear message. The Bears Suck. And it is hysterical.

And you have to hand it to these guys! There's a puppet.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Random Football adventure

Yesterday in the middle of the first quarter of the USC game, a friend invited me to the University of Cincinnati vs. Oklahoma game at Paul Brown Stadium. The SC game had all the makings of a blow out, so I abandoned my post in front of the tv and headed down town, still clad in my SC gear. We tailgated with her family outside the stadium, and at nearly every tailgate was a group of people playing cornhole. After a couple beers we headed into the stadium and were pleasantly surprised by the number of people at the game. We had pretty good seats, sandwiched between the student section and the band in the corner of the end zone.

Jenn, a UC fan, was realistic regarding the game, and we both expected UC to get crushed. Having watched Oklahoma destroy FSU, I didn't think we were in for much of a game.

A few snap shots from the game:

We really like peanuts

We thought this guy should invest in a new jersey

This lady has a very interesting outfit

At half time a fUcla fan walked past and said the SC sucks. Jenn jumped to my defense. And the guy continued to say that fUcla was great because they beat Texas earlier in the day; I kept thinking/saying 4 and 0! The whole situation allowed me to say the word fUcla a lot in a family setting and I appreciated that.

The game got pretty intense in the second half, and we pounded on the backs of seats and made as much noise possible whenever on defense. The pounding would help explain why my hand is a little numb today.

UC couldn't pull off the upset though, and the Sooners (which are covered wagons) walked away the victors. Personally, in a battle between a bear cat and a wagon, I'm pretty sure the bear cat would win. As we were leaving, a very very drunk college kid tried to hit on me.

Kid: Hey, I like USC
Jenn: Yeah? who's their quarterback?
Kid: I don't know. But I like Carson. And Mike Sanchez.
Kid stumbles nearly falling into us.
Me: His name's not Mike.
Kid: I like Jarret Booty
Us: Jarret?
Kid: John Booty
At this point, I put my hand on the kid and tried to direct him back to his friends who were trying to pull him away from further embarrassment.
Me: that's still not his full name.
Kid's friend: Sorry he's really drunk.

After the game we went to Old Willies and watched Boise State overtake Oregon St. and wondered how the QB can spot his receivers wearing blue on that blue field. Then, after two more beers and a shot of Jamo, my body decided it was time to go home, I got the hiccups and SB - who met us at the bar, drove me home.

It was a really random day, but definitely very fun. I highly recommend going to a game where you are not emotionally invested and wear gear of a team that is not playing. When I lived in San Fran one of my roommates and I went to a San Fran/Philly game and I wore my Ahman Green jersey and she wore a Redskins jersey. Situations like those make me laugh and make for a good time.

Bears Still Suck Day 7

Found this on

10 reasons the bears suck?
1. Hester is not a WR, too small, should only be doing KO and PR.
2. O-line cant block my grandmother.
3. I could pick apart a D that only runs Cover2.
4, cant get pressure on any QB.
5, Cutler hates his life and his teammates.
6. Tillman tries to punch the ball rather than tackle the ball carrier.
7. Lovie couldnt motivate a virgin to screw a playboy bunny.
8. Ron Turner run a college offense (never runs the ball with the D spread out)
9. Who is Jason Mckie? and why is he still on the team?
10. There best WR is a TE?

Also just realized that you could get this awesome picture as a T-shirt. LOVE IT. 1. its from 1989 and 2. our QB was still the Majik man. I wonder if it would be possible to order one as I think the site's been abandoned. MUST look into.

In non-bears still suck news a friend sent me this joke for the Cowboys and Vi-queens.

Who's there?
Owen Who?
Owen Three Bitches!

Hope everyone enjoys a nice relaxing day of football.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bears Still Suck Day 4

Some Chicago Bears jokes for your entertainment.

Bears QB Jay Cutler has been rumored to be dating Hills Star Kristin Cavallari.
Truth is he made a pass at Heidi Montag, but Kristin intercepted it.

Q: Did you hear the new penalty for speeding in Illinois?
A: On the first offense they give you Bears tickets, and on the second offense, they make you use them.

Q. How do you keep a Chicago Bears player out of your yard?
A. Put up goal posts.

Q. Where do you go in Chicago in case of a tornado?
A. Soldier Field - they never get a touchdown there.

Q. What do the Chicago Bears & possums have in common?
A. Both play dead at home & get killed on the road.

Q. How can you tell when the Chicago Bears are going to run the football?
A. Forte leaves the huddle with tears in his eyes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bears Still Suck Day 2

Today's Bears Still Suck Moments courtesy of youtube.

Look at that Leap!

Game Winner!

You Can't Sanction the End Zone

So far this year Reggie Bush has broken: 1. my heart and 2. his leg. Anyone who has read me before, knows that I am holding what can only be described as more than a slight grudge against Reggie. Having said that I don't wish injury on anyone, even VY. However, this morning when I started talking about Reggie's leg with SB he said, "poor guy. He's had a rough week." And I agree, in part. I'm sure it is very hard to give back the Heisman, to be the center of a scandal, and then to break your leg on top of it. But its not like these things "just happened" to him. He gave back the Heisman as, in my opinion, a brilliant PR move, and the scandal and reasoning behind the move are all direct consequences to Bush's own actions. Should I feel terrible for a guy who made a mistake and now has some consequences. Especially when it seems he is getting off lightly with respect to the sanctions that USC is facing? I do feel bad about his leg. It hurts, both physically and his team. But he'll be back and playing this year. And I feel that the Saints will be fine without him. I don't think anyone deserves an injury, but I am definitely not losing sleep over this. Karma is a b$tch.

In other SC news, JamieSC on twitter turned me on to this blog, Lost Angeles, yesterday, and let me just say, it is brilliant. I am more than slightly envious of this dude. Everyone should check it out, informative and highly hysterical.

Monday, September 20, 2010


You know what makes Monday's "bear"-able? When all your teams win on the weekend!

USC won and managed to slip only two spots in the poll. I am considering that progress. The game started off slowly. But eventually Barkley and Kiffin turned the ship around and USC took over Minnesota. Highlights of the game: USCpyscho's text about Minnesota fans complaining about the USC Marching Band playing the same song over. Which it turn prompted me to download the virtual piano app for my phone and try to pluck out Fight On.

Sunday morning I woke up early (I'm sure 8:30 is normal for most people but its not for me) to watch the very crucial match up between Manchester United and Liverpool. Midway through the second half, it felt like the same old story, Man U goes up and then lets a team come back, but Berbatov finished his hat trick late in the game, and sealed the victory for the Red Devils. I must say that I am supremely excited about Berbatov. He's also lagged behind his promise after signing with Man U, but lately he has really stepped it up as a leader of the team and with his ability to make plays. This is one case of the hair cut helping the player. I tried to find a video feed of his magnificent second goal, but the FA has taken them all down, so this picture from will have to do for all who missed it.

And then it was on to the Packers. Tried to get a mini pre-game nap in, but with Corey and Brian unable to be on the blog, felt like Alex and I were kids left alone for the weekend and trusted with the house. Can't disappoint. Things I took from the GB game. 1. CM3 is my hero (got a twitter DM later in the day from a fellow USC alumni who is now a converted Packers fan all because of Clay). 2. The Offense scored on its opening drive, while they should have scored a touchdown on that defense, any points off the bat is a step in the right direction. 3. I'm not really sure what went wrong with the offense in the second quarter, but I was relieved to see adjustments that fixed whatever was wrong 4. AND most importantly I was impressed with the Packers offense ability to stick the game plan and wear down the Bills. While the Packers were vastly superior to the Bills I really don't think at this stage of the season with this team, the Packers will be jumping out to many quick leads of a couple touchdowns or more. The Packers have to stick to their brand of football and know that by the middle of the third quarter, the other team will be worn down and the thumping will begin. I felt the same way regarding the SC game.

This weeks agenda:
1. The Bears Still Suck
2. Write for
3. Guest host Cheesehead Radio on Thursday!

The Bears Still Suck Week

One of the first jokes I learned to tell as a child.

A young cub talking with a social worker

Social Worker says, "You can go live with Papa Bear."
Cub "Papa Bear beats me."
Social Worker says, "You can go live with Mama Bear."
Cub "Mama Bear beats me too."
Social Worker says, "You can go live with the Chicago Bears, they can't beat anyone."

Welcome to the Bears Still Suck Week. I'll be here all week.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wow. Thanks for for finding this. I will admit to having my game day make up, but man this girl puts me to shame. There is one time when living with "Roommate" (and yes I honestly called her that) and her vast make up collection that I found the perfect cardinal and gold for my lids for an SC game, but still no where near as intense as this chica. Am now watching the series.

The Rumor Hawk

Last night the Green Bay Packer twitter world was all ablaze with rumors of possibly trading A.J. Hawk to the Buffalo Bills for Marshawn Lynch. Hawk's house in DePere is up for sale, the Bills are thin at linebacker, the Pack is thin at running back, Hawk is currently under preforming his contract, all the pieces seem to fit. The Bills tried to hush it all by announcing that they are standing pat and not open to trading Lynch; Hawk's agent said his client would be open to a trade. I'll go on the record here and say I really don't have a firm opinion either way about the trade. I do believe that Hawk is under performing and I am a little worried about our running back situation. However, I also know TT and his line of thinking. When has he ever jumped at signing a veteran when some unknown players could fill the role just as well? Also, I would like to see at least one game with Bjax in the starting role, and I would like to see how the Packers adjust before jumping off the bridge and trading away a player. On the plus side, the Bills play the Packers this Sunday. Its the perfect scout game. How does Lynch run? We'll see. How will the Packers backs step up after the Grant injury? We'll see. How will Hawk respond to the trade rumors? We'll see. How desperate are the Bills at the linebacker position? We'll see. Should be an interesting game.

And the Oscar goes to....Derek Jeter

So I didn't watch the Yankees game last night. Big surprise there. Finale of Top Chef was on and then Top Chef just desserts, clearly there were more important things on my agenda besides another baseball game. But apparently I missed out. Woke up this morning to quite the drama surrounding Derek Jeter.

Honestly I can't help but laugh. Such a performance, Drogba and Ronaldo would be proud. And while, clearly the ball did not strike Jeter and yes he "cheated" and acted for an extended period of time to get on base, I really don't think its that bad. This is definitely not bringing about the end of civilization.

Every sport has its bit of acting. Every one's heard of soccer players diving to draw a foul/penalty kick/gain advantage. And anyone who's watched a game of football I'm sure can recall at least one receiver who after getting beat on a long ball turn to the ref and pull on his jersey, hands raised in the air, pleading for the pass interference penalty. Like it or not, its part of sports. Is it cheating? In some ways, yes. But it is also a very real part of the game. In soccer when a player dives, they also risk getting carded themselves for diving. Its the competitive nature of sports. No holds bar. And while annoying, its not going anywhere. So Derek Jeter, thanks for making me laugh.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And a big green and gold welcome to...

Dimitri Nance.

The Packers have signed rookie running back, Dimitri Nance, off of the Falcons practice squad. Nance played for ASU, but honestly I don't remember him from last years game. Word on the street is that he's a low runner and has dreads, can't be all bad right?

In other break your ankle news, Antonio Valencia was carted off with oxygen and immediately taken to the hospital following this tackle. I put it as a link as really its not for the squeamish.

Also, in breaking my heart news, Reggie Bush has announced he is returning his Heisman Trophy. Really, its the right thing to do. They ruled him ineligible and therefore he shouldn't have been able to win the award. I don't think it should go to anyone else, as I don't think I could stand the site of VY holding the trophy. I wish Reg would have said something more in his release about returning the trophy. Perhaps an apology. But alas, that day may never come.

So Ahman...

Ryan Grant. IR. Done for the season. Not confirmed yet by the Packers but Glazer is reporting. Guess I know what they'll be talking about on Packer Transplants tonight.

Why Win?

There was so much wrong with the Jets offense last night, Mark Sanchez becoming best friends with check downs, complete nonsensical play calling and then this:

Its so bad, its classic!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The weekend of intense endings

Oy, so much happened this weekend, and I wanted to sleep through all of it.

Glory, Glory?

First off Fergie sat Wayne Rooney. Why? Because he didn't want Rooney to have to suffer the abuse from the Everton fans. Gag me. First off, I don't think that's the sole reasoning. Like David Moyes, I believe Sir Alex gave Rooney a big F U, you're not above the team and we will sit you. Second, tomorrow starts the beginning of the Champions League campaign. Third, Rooney has always been booed, etc at Goodison Park. No matter how many prostitutes he sleeps with while his wife is pregnant, Everton fans will always dislike him. That's how soccer works.

So Rooney didn't play, and honestly I don't think the outcome of the game would have been different if he had. It was just another case of Man U not seeing a game through. They had the striker power, and Berb looked great, but they didn't hold their ground (which ended up being a theme of my weekend).

In other EPL news, Chelsea won. Again.

Also, I should add that this game started at 7:45 am my time. (yes, eastern time is now considered my time). So promptly after the end of the game, I crawled back in bed.

Fight ON!

Spent the rest of my day following TommyCam (for non USC peeps, its the constant live stream of the Tommy Trojan Statue in the middle of SC campus) and wishing I was tailgating.

Finally made it out of bed for the 10:30 kick off. And what followed was one of the sloppiest and most boring SC games I have ever seen, and I lived through the Paul Can't Hackett years. In total there were 24 penalties costing the teams almost 250 yards! On the plus side, the defense finally learned how to tackle, but the offense forgot how to score. Following the theme started by Man U, after taking a ten point lead with five minutes left, USC allowed UVA to scored. Granted there were only 4 seconds left on the clock, but for reals, lets try to end some games.

Other NCAA news, James Madison just shot Boise St. in the foot. Beating Virginia Tech was supposed to be Boise State's big quality win, now VT is a two loss team, with one loss coming against a vastly inferior opponent. Gotta love the BCS.

Other highlights. The Michigan QB was photographed in game doing the Heisman pose. If that isn't the coolest thing ever, I don't know what is. Also, FSU got ran over.


Ah, the start of the NFL. Is there anything more sacred? Prior to the start of the game I told SB I was worried about our defense, going out with only 4 d linemen! hello! and we really hadn't proved the ability to stop anything or anyone most of the preseason. I predicted a shoot out game. I was wrong.

Apparently the only thing the GB defense needs is a healthy Clay Matthews. He was a beast on Sunday, 7 tackles, and he seemed to be everywhere on the field. Speaking of the field, maybe it lays over an old Indian burial ground or something, because there was a lot of bad luck going on there. Three players out for the season, two concussions, and a couple more sidelined for extended period of time. WTH!

Speaking of WTH moments:

Stewart Bradley clearly is having some trouble. I'm not a doctor, but I'm also not blind. Something is not right there. Last year the NFL changed its concussion policy. A player is not to return to the field if there is an inability to remember assignments or plays, a gap in memory, persistent dizziness and persistent headaches or the player has lost consciousness. Futhermore: Once removed for the duration of a practice or game, the player should not be considered for return-to-football activities until he is fully asymptomatic, both at rest and after exertion, has a normal neurological examination, normal neuropsychological testing and has been cleared to return by both his team physician(s) and the independent neurological consultant. I fail to believe that the Philadelphia team doctors had enough time to fully evaluate Bradley and determine his mental state.

I'm being critical about the concussion issue because as the potential lockout and labor issues loom, one of the main touching points is long term care, medical insurance, and financial security for the players. If I'm going to ask players to put their bodies on the line for my entertainment week in and week out, then I'm going to be concerned about Bradley, and any other player, risking having long term damage and no way to take care of themselves. Therefore, I have no problem with the NFLPA and fully support them.

But I digress...
I'm proud of the way the GB defense stood up and stopped the Eagles when they could. As another game against the Eagles came down to a fourth down, I clutched on to my beer can as tightly as I could. This would not be another 4th and 26th. The Packers survived. The can did not.

Other quick reactions to the game
1. I hope we never have to play against Michael Vick again
2. Bjax can run, but is best at the delay. Once you get him in the second tier, he's taking people down
3. Where was AJ?
4. We need more people active on the D line. We were clearly gassed at the end of the game.
5. Poor Justin Harrell

Quick reactions around the league:
1. They should change the rule that cost the Lions the game.
2. Congrats to Big Mike Williams
3. Um, Bengals?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day One.

It is finally HERE! The NFL season starts today, and brings with it the ever growing potential that Favre will be sacked and intercepted, A LOT!

In other news, I feel like crap. Stupid summer cold/flu is killing me! I'm finding it hard to even get half excited for tonight. So on my way to "work" today (I use that term loosely, as right now it just feels like I'm working towards unemployment), I thought back to the start of last year's NFL season. Oddly enough, I barely made it for that game too. I was fighting a fever and crawled downstairs to watch the game with some of SB's brother's friends. There was one guy there who is/was the pro-typical Cincinnati homer. 1. The Steelers were on so we spent the entire game talking about how incredibly awful Big Ben is 2. The Steelers were on so we spent the entire game talking about how they tried to kill Carson Palmer 3. The guy repeatedly and emphatically stated that had Carson not gotten hurt by the Steelers, Cincinnati would have won the Super Bowl. NO QUESTION!

I realize that I live in this town now and am friends with a lot of the Who Dey supporters, so I'm sorry if this offends, but the Super Bowl was not Cincinnati and Carson's to lose that year. Yeah, him getting hurt, took away practically any chance the team had, but that chance wasn't 110% guaranteed.

I'm thinking that tonight I will be laying on the floor in my living room watching the game, cursing the weather change, snarling at Childress, doped up on sinus meds, and enjoying some quality live blogging with cheeseheadtv and cheeseheadradio! Thursday Night Live Blog

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Men of Character

One of my first posts revolved around the constant "character" issue in the NFL. Tebow vs Rolle vs Johnson. Here's the Outside the Lines story about two brothers who are showing what true character and faith mean.

Lookin Like a Fool with your Favre on the Ground

New post is up!

Lookin' Like a Fool with your Favre on the Ground

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lucky Number 100

Welcome to my official 100th post. I feel so old now!

Taking a break from the non stop job search (ugh) to tell a special story.

Last night was the packers last preseason game (thank god!!) and the first game on the Kiffin Era at USC. I am exhausted today. I know this is my east coast bias but really its just not right for Hawaii to host week night games. Kick off was at 11:00 pm eastern. At 2:00 AM we hadn't even broken into the fourth quarter. No lie, this week was draining on me, getting the news of my job closing and then Packer Transplants followed by Cheesehead Radio followed by a night of non stop football, it can only be expected that I watched the USC season opener curled up on the couch. (which is actually where I slept last night, so I could fall asleep to the end of the game and not wake SB - I'm such a great girlfriend). I posted this picture on my twitter feed. FoundinIdaho (aka Colleen) commented, "cute bear" and it got me thinking about that bear and how special he is. So here's his story.

Freshman year at SC was beyond exciting. I felt so cool, being far away from home, living it up in LA. So when Christmas rolled around I planned on getting everyone in my family USC gifts. USC discretionary account was my first introduction into the world of credit, and man, I lived it up. All the aunts and uncles got mugs, my Grandmother, who helped raise me got the bear. I know everyone says that they love their Grandma, but I really really did. I moved in with her when I was 13 and we developed a very close and special relationship. She has always been the most stable and loving person in my life. As a teenager, I'm sure I never told her this enough. And in my freshman wisdom I assumed a bear, clearly superior to the coffee mugs everyone else was getting, would suffice to explain my love and appreciation. My Grandmother loved that bear. Every time I came home from college, or when I eventually moved back to Wisco and came over to visit, he was always perched up right on a chair in the living room. When she had to sell her house a lot of things were sold or given away in an attempt to downsize and when she moved into her hospice/assisted living facility, all of her possession were contained in one small room; on the chair next to her bed, was the USC bear. The doctors told us a few days before she passed that the end was near. Numerous visitors came to say good bye, to share last moments, and they sat in the bear's chair. He took up residence at the foot of my Grandmother's bed, facing her. She passed in the middle of the night, peacefully, while she slept. The bear, with her, on her bed the whole time.

The bear now lives with me. As does the chair he used to sit on. Generally he has a place on the tv stand in my room, but he never misses a USC game.