Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day One.

It is finally HERE! The NFL season starts today, and brings with it the ever growing potential that Favre will be sacked and intercepted, A LOT!

In other news, I feel like crap. Stupid summer cold/flu is killing me! I'm finding it hard to even get half excited for tonight. So on my way to "work" today (I use that term loosely, as right now it just feels like I'm working towards unemployment), I thought back to the start of last year's NFL season. Oddly enough, I barely made it for that game too. I was fighting a fever and crawled downstairs to watch the game with some of SB's brother's friends. There was one guy there who is/was the pro-typical Cincinnati homer. 1. The Steelers were on so we spent the entire game talking about how incredibly awful Big Ben is 2. The Steelers were on so we spent the entire game talking about how they tried to kill Carson Palmer 3. The guy repeatedly and emphatically stated that had Carson not gotten hurt by the Steelers, Cincinnati would have won the Super Bowl. NO QUESTION!

I realize that I live in this town now and am friends with a lot of the Who Dey supporters, so I'm sorry if this offends, but the Super Bowl was not Cincinnati and Carson's to lose that year. Yeah, him getting hurt, took away practically any chance the team had, but that chance wasn't 110% guaranteed.

I'm thinking that tonight I will be laying on the floor in my living room watching the game, cursing the weather change, snarling at Childress, doped up on sinus meds, and enjoying some quality live blogging with cheeseheadtv and cheeseheadradio! Thursday Night Live Blog

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