Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Rumor Hawk

Last night the Green Bay Packer twitter world was all ablaze with rumors of possibly trading A.J. Hawk to the Buffalo Bills for Marshawn Lynch. Hawk's house in DePere is up for sale, the Bills are thin at linebacker, the Pack is thin at running back, Hawk is currently under preforming his contract, all the pieces seem to fit. The Bills tried to hush it all by announcing that they are standing pat and not open to trading Lynch; Hawk's agent said his client would be open to a trade. I'll go on the record here and say I really don't have a firm opinion either way about the trade. I do believe that Hawk is under performing and I am a little worried about our running back situation. However, I also know TT and his line of thinking. When has he ever jumped at signing a veteran when some unknown players could fill the role just as well? Also, I would like to see at least one game with Bjax in the starting role, and I would like to see how the Packers adjust before jumping off the bridge and trading away a player. On the plus side, the Bills play the Packers this Sunday. Its the perfect scout game. How does Lynch run? We'll see. How will the Packers backs step up after the Grant injury? We'll see. How will Hawk respond to the trade rumors? We'll see. How desperate are the Bills at the linebacker position? We'll see. Should be an interesting game.

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