Monday, September 20, 2010


You know what makes Monday's "bear"-able? When all your teams win on the weekend!

USC won and managed to slip only two spots in the poll. I am considering that progress. The game started off slowly. But eventually Barkley and Kiffin turned the ship around and USC took over Minnesota. Highlights of the game: USCpyscho's text about Minnesota fans complaining about the USC Marching Band playing the same song over. Which it turn prompted me to download the virtual piano app for my phone and try to pluck out Fight On.

Sunday morning I woke up early (I'm sure 8:30 is normal for most people but its not for me) to watch the very crucial match up between Manchester United and Liverpool. Midway through the second half, it felt like the same old story, Man U goes up and then lets a team come back, but Berbatov finished his hat trick late in the game, and sealed the victory for the Red Devils. I must say that I am supremely excited about Berbatov. He's also lagged behind his promise after signing with Man U, but lately he has really stepped it up as a leader of the team and with his ability to make plays. This is one case of the hair cut helping the player. I tried to find a video feed of his magnificent second goal, but the FA has taken them all down, so this picture from will have to do for all who missed it.

And then it was on to the Packers. Tried to get a mini pre-game nap in, but with Corey and Brian unable to be on the blog, felt like Alex and I were kids left alone for the weekend and trusted with the house. Can't disappoint. Things I took from the GB game. 1. CM3 is my hero (got a twitter DM later in the day from a fellow USC alumni who is now a converted Packers fan all because of Clay). 2. The Offense scored on its opening drive, while they should have scored a touchdown on that defense, any points off the bat is a step in the right direction. 3. I'm not really sure what went wrong with the offense in the second quarter, but I was relieved to see adjustments that fixed whatever was wrong 4. AND most importantly I was impressed with the Packers offense ability to stick the game plan and wear down the Bills. While the Packers were vastly superior to the Bills I really don't think at this stage of the season with this team, the Packers will be jumping out to many quick leads of a couple touchdowns or more. The Packers have to stick to their brand of football and know that by the middle of the third quarter, the other team will be worn down and the thumping will begin. I felt the same way regarding the SC game.

This weeks agenda:
1. The Bears Still Suck
2. Write for
3. Guest host Cheesehead Radio on Thursday!

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