Thursday, September 16, 2010

And the Oscar goes to....Derek Jeter

So I didn't watch the Yankees game last night. Big surprise there. Finale of Top Chef was on and then Top Chef just desserts, clearly there were more important things on my agenda besides another baseball game. But apparently I missed out. Woke up this morning to quite the drama surrounding Derek Jeter.

Honestly I can't help but laugh. Such a performance, Drogba and Ronaldo would be proud. And while, clearly the ball did not strike Jeter and yes he "cheated" and acted for an extended period of time to get on base, I really don't think its that bad. This is definitely not bringing about the end of civilization.

Every sport has its bit of acting. Every one's heard of soccer players diving to draw a foul/penalty kick/gain advantage. And anyone who's watched a game of football I'm sure can recall at least one receiver who after getting beat on a long ball turn to the ref and pull on his jersey, hands raised in the air, pleading for the pass interference penalty. Like it or not, its part of sports. Is it cheating? In some ways, yes. But it is also a very real part of the game. In soccer when a player dives, they also risk getting carded themselves for diving. Its the competitive nature of sports. No holds bar. And while annoying, its not going anywhere. So Derek Jeter, thanks for making me laugh.

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