Monday, September 13, 2010

The weekend of intense endings

Oy, so much happened this weekend, and I wanted to sleep through all of it.

Glory, Glory?

First off Fergie sat Wayne Rooney. Why? Because he didn't want Rooney to have to suffer the abuse from the Everton fans. Gag me. First off, I don't think that's the sole reasoning. Like David Moyes, I believe Sir Alex gave Rooney a big F U, you're not above the team and we will sit you. Second, tomorrow starts the beginning of the Champions League campaign. Third, Rooney has always been booed, etc at Goodison Park. No matter how many prostitutes he sleeps with while his wife is pregnant, Everton fans will always dislike him. That's how soccer works.

So Rooney didn't play, and honestly I don't think the outcome of the game would have been different if he had. It was just another case of Man U not seeing a game through. They had the striker power, and Berb looked great, but they didn't hold their ground (which ended up being a theme of my weekend).

In other EPL news, Chelsea won. Again.

Also, I should add that this game started at 7:45 am my time. (yes, eastern time is now considered my time). So promptly after the end of the game, I crawled back in bed.

Fight ON!

Spent the rest of my day following TommyCam (for non USC peeps, its the constant live stream of the Tommy Trojan Statue in the middle of SC campus) and wishing I was tailgating.

Finally made it out of bed for the 10:30 kick off. And what followed was one of the sloppiest and most boring SC games I have ever seen, and I lived through the Paul Can't Hackett years. In total there were 24 penalties costing the teams almost 250 yards! On the plus side, the defense finally learned how to tackle, but the offense forgot how to score. Following the theme started by Man U, after taking a ten point lead with five minutes left, USC allowed UVA to scored. Granted there were only 4 seconds left on the clock, but for reals, lets try to end some games.

Other NCAA news, James Madison just shot Boise St. in the foot. Beating Virginia Tech was supposed to be Boise State's big quality win, now VT is a two loss team, with one loss coming against a vastly inferior opponent. Gotta love the BCS.

Other highlights. The Michigan QB was photographed in game doing the Heisman pose. If that isn't the coolest thing ever, I don't know what is. Also, FSU got ran over.


Ah, the start of the NFL. Is there anything more sacred? Prior to the start of the game I told SB I was worried about our defense, going out with only 4 d linemen! hello! and we really hadn't proved the ability to stop anything or anyone most of the preseason. I predicted a shoot out game. I was wrong.

Apparently the only thing the GB defense needs is a healthy Clay Matthews. He was a beast on Sunday, 7 tackles, and he seemed to be everywhere on the field. Speaking of the field, maybe it lays over an old Indian burial ground or something, because there was a lot of bad luck going on there. Three players out for the season, two concussions, and a couple more sidelined for extended period of time. WTH!

Speaking of WTH moments:

Stewart Bradley clearly is having some trouble. I'm not a doctor, but I'm also not blind. Something is not right there. Last year the NFL changed its concussion policy. A player is not to return to the field if there is an inability to remember assignments or plays, a gap in memory, persistent dizziness and persistent headaches or the player has lost consciousness. Futhermore: Once removed for the duration of a practice or game, the player should not be considered for return-to-football activities until he is fully asymptomatic, both at rest and after exertion, has a normal neurological examination, normal neuropsychological testing and has been cleared to return by both his team physician(s) and the independent neurological consultant. I fail to believe that the Philadelphia team doctors had enough time to fully evaluate Bradley and determine his mental state.

I'm being critical about the concussion issue because as the potential lockout and labor issues loom, one of the main touching points is long term care, medical insurance, and financial security for the players. If I'm going to ask players to put their bodies on the line for my entertainment week in and week out, then I'm going to be concerned about Bradley, and any other player, risking having long term damage and no way to take care of themselves. Therefore, I have no problem with the NFLPA and fully support them.

But I digress...
I'm proud of the way the GB defense stood up and stopped the Eagles when they could. As another game against the Eagles came down to a fourth down, I clutched on to my beer can as tightly as I could. This would not be another 4th and 26th. The Packers survived. The can did not.

Other quick reactions to the game
1. I hope we never have to play against Michael Vick again
2. Bjax can run, but is best at the delay. Once you get him in the second tier, he's taking people down
3. Where was AJ?
4. We need more people active on the D line. We were clearly gassed at the end of the game.
5. Poor Justin Harrell

Quick reactions around the league:
1. They should change the rule that cost the Lions the game.
2. Congrats to Big Mike Williams
3. Um, Bengals?


  1. The NFL owners are not trying to take away the players' medical insurance. I know thats what they want everyone to think. But its not true.

  2. I know the owners aren't trying to just straight take away insurance but long term care and financial and medical stability are some of the things the players are worried about and I can understand and support that.