Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bears Still Suck Day 7

Found this on

10 reasons the bears suck?
1. Hester is not a WR, too small, should only be doing KO and PR.
2. O-line cant block my grandmother.
3. I could pick apart a D that only runs Cover2.
4, cant get pressure on any QB.
5, Cutler hates his life and his teammates.
6. Tillman tries to punch the ball rather than tackle the ball carrier.
7. Lovie couldnt motivate a virgin to screw a playboy bunny.
8. Ron Turner run a college offense (never runs the ball with the D spread out)
9. Who is Jason Mckie? and why is he still on the team?
10. There best WR is a TE?

Also just realized that you could get this awesome picture as a T-shirt. LOVE IT. 1. its from 1989 and 2. our QB was still the Majik man. I wonder if it would be possible to order one as I think the site's been abandoned. MUST look into.

In non-bears still suck news a friend sent me this joke for the Cowboys and Vi-queens.

Who's there?
Owen Who?
Owen Three Bitches!

Hope everyone enjoys a nice relaxing day of football.

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