Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Random Football adventure

Yesterday in the middle of the first quarter of the USC game, a friend invited me to the University of Cincinnati vs. Oklahoma game at Paul Brown Stadium. The SC game had all the makings of a blow out, so I abandoned my post in front of the tv and headed down town, still clad in my SC gear. We tailgated with her family outside the stadium, and at nearly every tailgate was a group of people playing cornhole. After a couple beers we headed into the stadium and were pleasantly surprised by the number of people at the game. We had pretty good seats, sandwiched between the student section and the band in the corner of the end zone.

Jenn, a UC fan, was realistic regarding the game, and we both expected UC to get crushed. Having watched Oklahoma destroy FSU, I didn't think we were in for much of a game.

A few snap shots from the game:

We really like peanuts

We thought this guy should invest in a new jersey

This lady has a very interesting outfit

At half time a fUcla fan walked past and said the SC sucks. Jenn jumped to my defense. And the guy continued to say that fUcla was great because they beat Texas earlier in the day; I kept thinking/saying 4 and 0! The whole situation allowed me to say the word fUcla a lot in a family setting and I appreciated that.

The game got pretty intense in the second half, and we pounded on the backs of seats and made as much noise possible whenever on defense. The pounding would help explain why my hand is a little numb today.

UC couldn't pull off the upset though, and the Sooners (which are covered wagons) walked away the victors. Personally, in a battle between a bear cat and a wagon, I'm pretty sure the bear cat would win. As we were leaving, a very very drunk college kid tried to hit on me.

Kid: Hey, I like USC
Jenn: Yeah? who's their quarterback?
Kid: I don't know. But I like Carson. And Mike Sanchez.
Kid stumbles nearly falling into us.
Me: His name's not Mike.
Kid: I like Jarret Booty
Us: Jarret?
Kid: John Booty
At this point, I put my hand on the kid and tried to direct him back to his friends who were trying to pull him away from further embarrassment.
Me: that's still not his full name.
Kid's friend: Sorry he's really drunk.

After the game we went to Old Willies and watched Boise State overtake Oregon St. and wondered how the QB can spot his receivers wearing blue on that blue field. Then, after two more beers and a shot of Jamo, my body decided it was time to go home, I got the hiccups and SB - who met us at the bar, drove me home.

It was a really random day, but definitely very fun. I highly recommend going to a game where you are not emotionally invested and wear gear of a team that is not playing. When I lived in San Fran one of my roommates and I went to a San Fran/Philly game and I wore my Ahman Green jersey and she wore a Redskins jersey. Situations like those make me laugh and make for a good time.

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