Monday, August 30, 2010

Stafon Fights On.

Peter King wrote the following in his Monday Morning Quarterback piece for I've linked the whole article here.

This is the Stafon part. Reading it makes me proud and honored to be part of the USC family. I will be routing for Stafon for hopefully many years in the NFL. Forget Tebow, I have my NFL inspiration right here:

"Stafon Johnson: "God don't put nothin' on my plate I can't eat.''

"Don't feel sorry for me,'' Stafon Johnson said over the phone from the Titans trainers' room the other day. "My story's not a sob story.''

Sure seems it to me. Last September, the USC running back was lifting weights in the football program's weight room, and a bar with 275 pounds in the bench press came crashing down on his neck. His larynx was crushed. If not for the football strength in his neck, the bar might have broken it. But he survived, and the former mid-round prospect got a free-agent invitation to Titans camp this year. Coach Jeff Fisher, a Trojan himself, was so excited for the first preseason game this year, in Seattle, that he conferenced with the game officials before the game and told them he wanted to be sure that after the first carry of the game by Johnson, the officials took the ball out of play and sent it to the Tennessee sideline. "After all the kid has been through, I want him to have that ball,'' Fisher told the crew.

Johnson made a nifty move on his first carry midway through the second quarter, gaining six. The ball was tossed to the sideline, put in an equipment box by the Titans. Late in the third quarterback, he caught a pass and tried to get away from two Seahawks, and he was tackled, and his leg twisted awkwardly.

"I don't remember too much.'' Johnson said. "But I looked down and my knee was facing coach Fish, and my foot toward the pylon. I figured I was in trouble.''

He broke his leg and dislocated his ankle. His first thought, he said, was "Why? Why now?'' But he said that by the end of the night, "I was thanking God that I was here. I went from being almost deceased to being in the NFL, playing in an NFL game.''

When the team gathered in the locker room, Fisher spoke. "Life's not fair sometimes,'' he said, and he went on to tell the players about the ball he had for Johnson, and he told his players to go into the trainers room and be with Johnson.

"We're not getting rid of him,'' said Fisher, though Johnson was waived injured, then placed on injured-reserved for the season. "He had very successful surgery, and he'll be back with us next year in camp. I expect him to have a good shot.''

That he should. He'll only have all of America rooting for him."


Is This Real Life?

Remember that you tube clip, David after dentist?

Sometimes that's how I feel about Fantasy Football.

On Friday, SB called me on his way home from work. The league he's in with an out of town friend was short a couple people. I've avoided Fantasy Football like the plague since it started. But reluctantly I agreed, what kind of girl friend would I be if said no. And besides I was promised I could draft A Rod. In the end, turns out they didn't need me. And I was relieved. SB said I could join his other league, but honestly I don't want to. I have absolutely no desire to play fantasy football.

When it first came around, I hated it. I hated that instead of highlights during my half time show, we had to talk about fantasy points leaders. At my core, I'm sometimes a purist when it comes to sports. Just run the with the ball, knock someone over, call it a day. Why all the gimmicks? Who needs something to make football more entertaining? But as I held firm, the world around me changed. Everyone I knew was joining leagues, starting leagues, either asking advice, asking me to join or wondering if so and so running back would get any receiving yards....So I walked back on my completely anti-stance and started becoming helpful. Why have all this football knowledge and let it go to waste right? But I still refuse to play. I'll sit next to you why you draft, and shake my head when you contemplate a Phily WR, but I will not participate.

During the World Cup, I joined a fantasy league. and I consider it the one and only time I will ever play such a game. It just has no appeal to me. I like watching my team and hoping for plays to happen simply for how it will benefit the Packers. I don't even like betting on the Packers. Last season a friend wanted to wager a 12 pack of Miller Lite that the Packers would be over 9-7. I couldn't do it. It made me very uncomfortable to think that once the Pack acheived that ninth win, my motivation for cheering might be tainted. Back in 2005, Katey and I joined the Harp's (awesome little Irish Bar in mke) football pool. We kicked butt. The pool didn't last the whole season - something tells me the guys at the Harp didn't enjoy losing to Team Skirt who filled out their pool in hot pink magic marker every week. And when it ended, no lie I was a little happy. Maybe I'm old school. Maybe I'm naive. But when I'm stuck watching NFL network pregame as three guys around me frantically try to get their last minute line up changes in, I feel like David. Is This Real Life? Is It Going to Last Forever?

The answer is, yes.

Friday, August 27, 2010


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The Name Game

I get it, Preseason football is a time for everyone to shake off the rust; fans, players, coaches, refs, and announcers. But this preseason I have noticed an unsettling trend. Announcers repeatedly getting players names wrong. So here's a list of people that do NOT play for the Packers yet apparently the announcers think they do. If you can, please pass this list along to Jon Gruden, Mike Tirico, the Cleveland Browns announcing crew, the people who called the intersquad scrimmage and anyone even thinking of stepping into the box to call a GB game.

1. Brett Favre
2. Dorsey Levens
3. Mike Flynn
4. Jeremiah Finley
5. Trey-mon Williams

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Champions League Draws

Group A
1. Inter
2. Werder Bremen
3. Tottenham
4. Twente

Group B
1. Lyon
2. Benfica
3. Schalke
4. Hapoel Tel Aviv

Group C
1. Manchester United
2. Valencia
3. Rangers
4. Bursaspor

Group D
1. Barca
2. Panathinaikos
3. Kobenhavn
4. Rubin Kazan

Group E
1. Bayern
2. Roma
3. Basel
4. Cluj

Group F
1. Chelsea
2. Marseille
3. Spartak Moscow
4. Zilna

Group G
1. AC Milan
2. Real Madrid
3. Ajax
4. Auxerre

Group H
1. Arsenal
2. Shakhtar Donetsk
3. Braga
4. Partizan

THESE are the Champions!

Are you a typical American who doesn't follow soccer, but every four years gets wrapped up in the world cup? Well then, I HAVE THE THING FOR YOU!

Meet Champions League.

Today is the annual Champions League group draw and its every bit as exciting as the World Cup group draw! And I'm not joking here folks, they're both riveting. I'm not exactly sure the lure of hollowed out ping pong balls is but it's real.

Champions League is like soccer with benefits! It takes the top teams from all of Europe's club leagues and pits them against each other in a winner take all cage match. ... Okay, not exactly, but kind of.

Here's why its genius, and here's why you should be watching:

1. Only the top teams play each other. No bottom barrel "boring" soccer teams here. We're talking cream of the crop here people; if you're a newbie why come in at some bottom level? get to know the best, watch the sport played at its highest level and maybe more people will appreciate it.
2. Its a bracket. Us Americans, we LOVE our brackets and play offs! Champions league is set up nearly identical to the World Cup. A round robin group stage, top two teams advance and get bracketed in the knock out stages. Of course, Champions league has to be difficult and throw in the home-home and aggregate scoring, but we'll get to that when we need to. And it all ends in one, winner take all game.
3. No vuvuzelas. Novice soccer fans tuned into the World Cup and wondered if that noise is at every soccer game. Guess what peeps, its not.
4. It surprises you! Champions league is not crammed into a four week whirlwind. No, its spread out over months. Groups stages start half way through September and the championship game isn't until May 28th. While that might take away from the intensity for some, I argue that the added gift of waking up one morning and realizing Champions League is on that day is one of God's small gifts.
5. The Champions League theme and lead in music, sponsored by Heinekin is simply awe inspiring.

So if the World Cup got you thinking of maybe giving soccer a try in your life, I suggest you start with Champions League. The draw is today at noon, which I'm sure I'll post "results" of here, and groups stage begins September 14th. Mark your calendar people, its going to be a great Champions League season.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Because We Can

If you want to know how I feel about the USC sanctions and don't want to listen to me drunkily go on about picture sizing, then watch this video.

Thanks to the infamous, USC Psycho for linking to it on twitter.

Greatest Players by Numbers posted this article (00-49) and this article (50-99)naming the top players by number. A lot of the QBs are obvious choices, but the most noteworthy thing for me, check out the worthy of considerations for numbers 27 and 30. Buckley and Green.

Out with the OLD

This morning Reggie Bush tweeted that will never get used to seeing guys cut from the team. "You spend so much time with your teammates that they become family!" Honestly it makes me sick to hear him talk this way.

There is something incredibly familial about college football. You live on campus, walk to the games, attend classes with the players; it truly is integrated into your daily routine. USC is my family. And should be Reggie's too. And after everything that has happened, that he has done to hurt SC, my family, his family; I don't really believe anything he has to say about loyalty to a team. USC's new AD was on the Dan Patrick show (full article here) and said, "Reggie Bush was a great player, an exciting player, but the NCAA report says that we must disassociate ourselves from Reggie."

I have no problem with the school distancing itself from Reggie (and O.J. Mayo). Its time to move on. He got off scott free, which kids who never even played with him are accepting the punishment. I can't wait for September 2nd when the new era of SC football will begin! FIGHT ON!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Glove part 2

I didn't have a picture of it when I posted my original post, so here it is in all its glory, my worn down - way too big for my little hands - yellow packer glove. Also in the picture, the mini helmet that my grandmother had in her basement. Its ridiculously old and I love it!

Monday, August 23, 2010

and some more

me: Torres just shouldn't have cut his hair. It all started going wrong with his hair.
sb: and his knee. he had a knee injury.
me: i don't know if you know much about soccer, it has less to do with the knees than the hair. its all about the hair.

Drama Queen (thanks Jersey Al)

Jersey Al came across this today, and the more places that this is shared, the merrier!

The Little Pea

So Man U tied Fulham at the cottage...I guess that's better than two straight reds like two years ago...

1. Rooney never leave me! Man U might be one of the most striker loaded teams in the EPL (and Europe), but without Rooney in the line up, something is clearly missing.
2. Chicharito! ¡ me encanta Chicharito! pero necesita más trabajo y todavía no está en forma superior. I fully believe that Chicharito is the future, but he didn't always seem to be on the same page with Berb or the rest of the team, and he also got tired as the game wore on.
3. PK. Listen peeps, hand ball in the box = penalty kick. Deal with it. It was justified. I'm still confused though as to why Nani took the kick and what kind of kick that was.

Its too early in the season to start making sweeping generalizations about teams and the season, but so far my first impression is that the EPL is lacking parity. Soccer has never been about 6-0 games. And the EPL had three of them this weekend alone! I will say that while I wasn't annoyed with the Vuvuzela's I am happy to return to a soccer world without them.

Coversations from the weekend

Morgan: Didn't OJ Mayo go to USC?
Me: Yes, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it.

Me: Let's watch Hurt Locker.
SB: But the Vikings are on.
Me: I don't care. Let's watch Hurt Locker.
SB: Aren't you even a little curious?
Me: No. And don't pick the Vikings over me, I don't handle that well.
SB: The Packers really are your family.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Posted from my phone...

I'm laying in bed, cursing the stomach bug gods for ruining my Friday night, attempting to gather strength to get ready for the Packers game that is still nearly five hours away from kicking off.. So I thought I would amuse myself by seeing if I can post from my iPhone. Herds some brief thoughts:

1. EPL. Chelsea is ridiculous b plus twelve in goal differential and only two games in. But more interesting to note from that game should be the second dismantling in a row for Wigan. Last week they feel victim to this years darling team, blackpool and this week it was at the hands of Chelsea. Clearly Wigan has some sorting out to do otherwise they're booking an early ticket to relegation. Speaking of Blackpool they fell apart today against Arsenal, who clearly arrived today to make a statement. I believe that both Arsenal and Blackpool need to hold on tight this year, I see consistency problems for both. And lastly a round of applause for Stu Holden who started again for Bolton today! Cheers for him.

In case you missed this weeks Cheesehead Radio here's my Who moved my cheese curds

Top 5 reasons that I am thankful that Aaron Rodgers is my quarterback
1. Rodgers ability to grow a mustache and mullet. Does anything else scream Wisconsin more? He's practically one pair of Zumbaz away from being inducted as a life long resident.
2. He's not a grandfather. I loved my grandfathers but not really what I'm looking for in a quarterback.
3. I really like having a QB with a quirky little nick name and a silly celebration dance.
4. He quotes dumb and dumber and other classic movies with fans on twitter.
But most importantly
5. He, like us, is a fan. He doesn't jut enjoy playing sports, he enjoys sports all around. He still possesses the ability to be in awe of other great players besides himself. Like when he went golfing with Michael Jordan and Jerry Rice he tweeted that he "played terrible but had a blast with two childhood idols". He also closely followed the world cup and the NBA off season trade drama. Brett Favre was famous for his child like love for the game, but Rodgers possesses the ability to understand sports from both the prospective of a player and a fan.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A busy week

Last night I was privilaged to be able to fill in for Holly on Cheesehead Radio.

If you missed the live show you can download it on itunes or listen here.

I had a blast, and hope I did Holly proud.

Tomorrow the Packers play the Seahawks. I'm looking forward to seeing if the Pack can improve on pass defense (although really, where's the passing threat on Seattle?) and on kick returns. If we can get some QB pressure and catch a punt, I'll consider the game a success. I will also be interested in watching my boy, Mike Williams, who now plays for the Seahawks. A non-Packer, that I am always rooting for, I hope he can at least get a good grab in, probably against Bush.

If you're going to be in front of a computer for the game tomorrow, make sure to stop on by and participate in the live blog, which I will be moderating. Just try not to swear or piss people off, makes my life easier!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Brent Favre post

Posted an extra time this week, woke up at 4, couldn't go back to sleep as thoughts of Packer land danced through my head.

The Glory Days: You Tube Clips and Memories

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Monday

I've been relatively mum on here last week. Things have been quite crazy. Writing for, moderating the cheeseheadtv game day blog and now preparing for cheesehead radio on Thursday. I'm quite the lucky girl.

So here's a brief update.

1. the new EPL season began this weekend. Man U plays today, and I can hardly wait. Initial reaction: Chelsea looks scary good. Blackpool makes me want to cheer loudly. I know nothing of their history or about their team, but after their fight last year for promotion and after their stomping of Wigan, I am cheering for them. Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Fulham and Bolton should be interesting to watch. I'm also super excited that Holdon got the start and the 90 mintues with Bolton. He's clearly the future!

2. The reds and the cardinals got in a "fight". I'm using the term fight loosely, as I'm pretty sure the official definition of fight means that someone throws a punch. I think the whole thing is silly. You want to talk trash Brandon Phillips, fine, but then don't friendly tap the catcher to say "hey" when you go up to bat. And catcher (I don't care enough to know your name) chill out! And the rest of the people on the teams, if you're going to get involved in a bench clearing brawl, don't just stand there, that's bad tv. What I want to know is how did it become Phillips' thing to get to tap the catcher AND ump with his bat? That's balsy, and I like it.

3. Lets all take a moment of silence for Dustin Johnson. I feel for the guy. Golf is difficult like that. I'm sure everyone knows, but if you don't: On the 18th hole yesterday Johnson hit his ball into an out of bounds sand dune. Not knowing it was considered an official bunker grounded his club, costing him two strokes. He missed the playoff for the win by 2 strokes. In what other sport does this happen? none.

4. I was really impressed with Neal, Bulaga, and Wilson in the Packers preseason game Saturday. Can't wait to see more.

5. Thanks to Cincinnati and its inability to sell out a preseason game I missed the debut of Tim Tebow last night. But apparently his throwing motion has NOT changed (confirmed via twitter). Why isn't it more clear to the Denver Broncos that a quarterback should be able to throw the ball, and make quick reads of the defense? This should be interesting.

6. Lastly, a new post is up at

The Halo Rule

Check it out and support the blog!

And listen in to Cheesehead radio this Thursday (and every Thursday) where I will be guest hosting in place of Holly (shout out to Holly for helping a sister out these past weeks!). Also, make sure to check out the live game day blog/chat at cheesehead tv on Saturday. Try not to swear or get in fights, make my life easier. :)

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I have joined the team and will be writing weekly posts there.

Here's the link to my first post

What A Girl Wants - Women Sports Fans

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Glove and Traditions

For Christmas in 1995 my father was given a pair of Packers Gloves. One was yellow, one was green. I don't recall the circumstances, but somehow I became the owner of the yellow one, while my dad kept the green.

I'm sure most people who grew up in Wisconsin have set traditions for game day. Ours: 1. you were NOT allowed to miss kick off. Doing so meant banishment to outside until you were deemed worthy to come in. 2. One must hold (tightly) their beer/soda can during all defensive plays, and drink during long offensive plays (I'm really hoping I'm not the only one whose parents turned Packers games into drinking games) 3. If you were out of the room (bathroom/kitchen) when something good happened, you had to stay there. 4. Vice Versa if you were out of the room and something bad happened, you had to return immediately regardless if you were finished. 5. No colors of opposing team were let into the house (during the starter coat trend, my friend was forced to take off her Dallas starter jacket outside - in December - and we weren't even playing them that day). 6. No phone calls in the middle of a play and no walking in front of the tv in the middle of a play (pacing was allowed in the kitchen. I also later amended this rule so that during kick offs I would stand at the back of the living room - holding my 1960s bobble head - and walk towards the tv as the returner kept running - DON'T ask). 7. Something with the opposing teams colors was generally found and placed underneath a green and gold pon pom.

Until typing all those, I didn't really realize how many rules there were. And as I aged, I only created more, but the rules I most took to heart involved drinking (imagine that!). As a 13 year old girl I would clutch my Coke cans like my life depended on it.

1995 was a pretty big year for Green Bay. We won the division for the first time in 30 years! (thanks Yancy Thigpen) and were cruising into the playoffs. I don't think anyone expected the Pack to play hard in San Francisco against Steve Young in the divisional round that year. What followed was, in my mind, one of the most miraculous games ever played. Green Bay jumped out to a first quarter lead of 14-0. First score was a glorious fumble return for a TD. I was holding so tight on my first can of soda, I tore it in half. I am not joking. The day went on to be a defensive show case for the Packers - ended up giving a lot of yardage but created turnovers and big stops - who won the game 27-17. I ended up breaking 5 cans of soda that day (I might also have a pretty severe caffeine addiction). I wore that yellow glove for the whole game. And I have continued to keep that yellow glove with me for every game. Even if I go to a party or bar, that glove is with me. I have never washed it. The soda stains from one of my favorite family and Packer memories still remain.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Third Annual Brett Favre Retires Day!

I'm not sure why more people didn't see this coming; but it is here, The Third Annual Brett Favre Retires Day! But before we can fully celebrate this treasured holiday, lets take a little jog down memory lane and remember the two previous Happy Brett Favre Retires Days.

March 4th, 2008:
I checked my phone at work, three text messages announcing the retirement. I teared up on the spot.
I wrote this entry with quotes from Page 2 and my initial reaction
Quotes from the Page 2 article

My words from the day, "we knew it had to happen sometime. today is one of the saddest days in my life. the brett favre era is officially over. i am not handling this well." I watched Favre video tributes on you tube all night while drinking wine and managed to cry so much that I lost my contact. I basically was a wreck. My friend got me a dvd with the retirement speech on it. I watched it about once a week that summer. I wrote essays comparing his retirement with my break ups. I lived in this retirement.

Then five months to the day, he reported to camp. and we traded him away. Difficult to handle, to understand. Team before player. Always. I couldn't watch the Jets games at first and as the season went on, I became more and more angry.

The Second Annual Brett Favre Retires Day.

breathe again...

And then mere days later, I again got text messages at work, Favre signed with the Vikings. Again, I teared up. How could someone seem so hell bent on pissing me, and a whole group of fans, off? I know that wasn't his goal, but that was my emotional reaction. I spent a season cringing at every sight on him. And the NFC championship game was perhaps the happiest days of my life.

In between each Brett Favre retires day and Brett Favre breaks Jayme's heart day, he throws the football with some high schoolers and has a surgery he leaks to someone over at espn.

So today, I'm not mourning. I'm not celebrating. He hasn't left us, he's not being simple and just showing up. He's being Brett. He's completely predictable in his unpredictability. I have high doubts that today is the last time we see him under center in the nfl. Like I said before Lebron might have had a tv special, Favre is a mini series, the never ending cliff hanger. And in true B Favre style, even as I write this rumors on twitter, that he doesn't know where this retirement news is coming from. Hmmm.....maybe he should just come out and say what he's doing instead of the passive aggressive game...but then he wouldn't be B Favre.

In other actual news that I care about...Mason Crosby needs a massive shot of confidence, and perhaps the ability to preform under pressure. The GB linebacking corps is making more even more excited for the start of regular season.