Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Third Annual Brett Favre Retires Day!

I'm not sure why more people didn't see this coming; but it is here, The Third Annual Brett Favre Retires Day! But before we can fully celebrate this treasured holiday, lets take a little jog down memory lane and remember the two previous Happy Brett Favre Retires Days.

March 4th, 2008:
I checked my phone at work, three text messages announcing the retirement. I teared up on the spot.
I wrote this entry with quotes from Page 2 and my initial reaction
Quotes from the Page 2 article

My words from the day, "we knew it had to happen sometime. today is one of the saddest days in my life. the brett favre era is officially over. i am not handling this well." I watched Favre video tributes on you tube all night while drinking wine and managed to cry so much that I lost my contact. I basically was a wreck. My friend got me a dvd with the retirement speech on it. I watched it about once a week that summer. I wrote essays comparing his retirement with my break ups. I lived in this retirement.

Then five months to the day, he reported to camp. and we traded him away. Difficult to handle, to understand. Team before player. Always. I couldn't watch the Jets games at first and as the season went on, I became more and more angry.

The Second Annual Brett Favre Retires Day.

breathe again...

And then mere days later, I again got text messages at work, Favre signed with the Vikings. Again, I teared up. How could someone seem so hell bent on pissing me, and a whole group of fans, off? I know that wasn't his goal, but that was my emotional reaction. I spent a season cringing at every sight on him. And the NFC championship game was perhaps the happiest days of my life.

In between each Brett Favre retires day and Brett Favre breaks Jayme's heart day, he throws the football with some high schoolers and has a surgery he leaks to someone over at espn.

So today, I'm not mourning. I'm not celebrating. He hasn't left us, he's not being simple and just showing up. He's being Brett. He's completely predictable in his unpredictability. I have high doubts that today is the last time we see him under center in the nfl. Like I said before Lebron might have had a tv special, Favre is a mini series, the never ending cliff hanger. And in true B Favre style, even as I write this rumors on twitter, that he doesn't know where this retirement news is coming from. Hmmm.....maybe he should just come out and say what he's doing instead of the passive aggressive game...but then he wouldn't be B Favre.

In other actual news that I care about...Mason Crosby needs a massive shot of confidence, and perhaps the ability to preform under pressure. The GB linebacking corps is making more even more excited for the start of regular season.

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