Monday, August 23, 2010

The Little Pea

So Man U tied Fulham at the cottage...I guess that's better than two straight reds like two years ago...

1. Rooney never leave me! Man U might be one of the most striker loaded teams in the EPL (and Europe), but without Rooney in the line up, something is clearly missing.
2. Chicharito! ¡ me encanta Chicharito! pero necesita más trabajo y todavía no está en forma superior. I fully believe that Chicharito is the future, but he didn't always seem to be on the same page with Berb or the rest of the team, and he also got tired as the game wore on.
3. PK. Listen peeps, hand ball in the box = penalty kick. Deal with it. It was justified. I'm still confused though as to why Nani took the kick and what kind of kick that was.

Its too early in the season to start making sweeping generalizations about teams and the season, but so far my first impression is that the EPL is lacking parity. Soccer has never been about 6-0 games. And the EPL had three of them this weekend alone! I will say that while I wasn't annoyed with the Vuvuzela's I am happy to return to a soccer world without them.

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