Friday, August 20, 2010

A busy week

Last night I was privilaged to be able to fill in for Holly on Cheesehead Radio.

If you missed the live show you can download it on itunes or listen here.

I had a blast, and hope I did Holly proud.

Tomorrow the Packers play the Seahawks. I'm looking forward to seeing if the Pack can improve on pass defense (although really, where's the passing threat on Seattle?) and on kick returns. If we can get some QB pressure and catch a punt, I'll consider the game a success. I will also be interested in watching my boy, Mike Williams, who now plays for the Seahawks. A non-Packer, that I am always rooting for, I hope he can at least get a good grab in, probably against Bush.

If you're going to be in front of a computer for the game tomorrow, make sure to stop on by and participate in the live blog, which I will be moderating. Just try not to swear or piss people off, makes my life easier!

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