Saturday, August 21, 2010

Posted from my phone...

I'm laying in bed, cursing the stomach bug gods for ruining my Friday night, attempting to gather strength to get ready for the Packers game that is still nearly five hours away from kicking off.. So I thought I would amuse myself by seeing if I can post from my iPhone. Herds some brief thoughts:

1. EPL. Chelsea is ridiculous b plus twelve in goal differential and only two games in. But more interesting to note from that game should be the second dismantling in a row for Wigan. Last week they feel victim to this years darling team, blackpool and this week it was at the hands of Chelsea. Clearly Wigan has some sorting out to do otherwise they're booking an early ticket to relegation. Speaking of Blackpool they fell apart today against Arsenal, who clearly arrived today to make a statement. I believe that both Arsenal and Blackpool need to hold on tight this year, I see consistency problems for both. And lastly a round of applause for Stu Holden who started again for Bolton today! Cheers for him.

In case you missed this weeks Cheesehead Radio here's my Who moved my cheese curds

Top 5 reasons that I am thankful that Aaron Rodgers is my quarterback
1. Rodgers ability to grow a mustache and mullet. Does anything else scream Wisconsin more? He's practically one pair of Zumbaz away from being inducted as a life long resident.
2. He's not a grandfather. I loved my grandfathers but not really what I'm looking for in a quarterback.
3. I really like having a QB with a quirky little nick name and a silly celebration dance.
4. He quotes dumb and dumber and other classic movies with fans on twitter.
But most importantly
5. He, like us, is a fan. He doesn't jut enjoy playing sports, he enjoys sports all around. He still possesses the ability to be in awe of other great players besides himself. Like when he went golfing with Michael Jordan and Jerry Rice he tweeted that he "played terrible but had a blast with two childhood idols". He also closely followed the world cup and the NBA off season trade drama. Brett Favre was famous for his child like love for the game, but Rodgers possesses the ability to understand sports from both the prospective of a player and a fan.

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