Friday, August 6, 2010

The Glove and Traditions

For Christmas in 1995 my father was given a pair of Packers Gloves. One was yellow, one was green. I don't recall the circumstances, but somehow I became the owner of the yellow one, while my dad kept the green.

I'm sure most people who grew up in Wisconsin have set traditions for game day. Ours: 1. you were NOT allowed to miss kick off. Doing so meant banishment to outside until you were deemed worthy to come in. 2. One must hold (tightly) their beer/soda can during all defensive plays, and drink during long offensive plays (I'm really hoping I'm not the only one whose parents turned Packers games into drinking games) 3. If you were out of the room (bathroom/kitchen) when something good happened, you had to stay there. 4. Vice Versa if you were out of the room and something bad happened, you had to return immediately regardless if you were finished. 5. No colors of opposing team were let into the house (during the starter coat trend, my friend was forced to take off her Dallas starter jacket outside - in December - and we weren't even playing them that day). 6. No phone calls in the middle of a play and no walking in front of the tv in the middle of a play (pacing was allowed in the kitchen. I also later amended this rule so that during kick offs I would stand at the back of the living room - holding my 1960s bobble head - and walk towards the tv as the returner kept running - DON'T ask). 7. Something with the opposing teams colors was generally found and placed underneath a green and gold pon pom.

Until typing all those, I didn't really realize how many rules there were. And as I aged, I only created more, but the rules I most took to heart involved drinking (imagine that!). As a 13 year old girl I would clutch my Coke cans like my life depended on it.

1995 was a pretty big year for Green Bay. We won the division for the first time in 30 years! (thanks Yancy Thigpen) and were cruising into the playoffs. I don't think anyone expected the Pack to play hard in San Francisco against Steve Young in the divisional round that year. What followed was, in my mind, one of the most miraculous games ever played. Green Bay jumped out to a first quarter lead of 14-0. First score was a glorious fumble return for a TD. I was holding so tight on my first can of soda, I tore it in half. I am not joking. The day went on to be a defensive show case for the Packers - ended up giving a lot of yardage but created turnovers and big stops - who won the game 27-17. I ended up breaking 5 cans of soda that day (I might also have a pretty severe caffeine addiction). I wore that yellow glove for the whole game. And I have continued to keep that yellow glove with me for every game. Even if I go to a party or bar, that glove is with me. I have never washed it. The soda stains from one of my favorite family and Packer memories still remain.


  1. Absolutely fantastic post. I'm not really superstitious, but its interesting to read about what fans will do on gameday to help their team. Btw, this post kind of had a "Packerranter" type feel to it. (This is definitely a compliment)

  2. That is pretty awesome! Maybe I'll start some family traditions this year! :-) Can't wait to see this yellow glove! (promise I'll stand in the back!)