Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Out with the OLD

This morning Reggie Bush tweeted that will never get used to seeing guys cut from the team. "You spend so much time with your teammates that they become family!" Honestly it makes me sick to hear him talk this way.

There is something incredibly familial about college football. You live on campus, walk to the games, attend classes with the players; it truly is integrated into your daily routine. USC is my family. And should be Reggie's too. And after everything that has happened, that he has done to hurt SC, my family, his family; I don't really believe anything he has to say about loyalty to a team. USC's new AD was on the Dan Patrick show (full article here) and said, "Reggie Bush was a great player, an exciting player, but the NCAA report says that we must disassociate ourselves from Reggie."

I have no problem with the school distancing itself from Reggie (and O.J. Mayo). Its time to move on. He got off scott free, which kids who never even played with him are accepting the punishment. I can't wait for September 2nd when the new era of SC football will begin! FIGHT ON!

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