Monday, August 30, 2010

Is This Real Life?

Remember that you tube clip, David after dentist?

Sometimes that's how I feel about Fantasy Football.

On Friday, SB called me on his way home from work. The league he's in with an out of town friend was short a couple people. I've avoided Fantasy Football like the plague since it started. But reluctantly I agreed, what kind of girl friend would I be if said no. And besides I was promised I could draft A Rod. In the end, turns out they didn't need me. And I was relieved. SB said I could join his other league, but honestly I don't want to. I have absolutely no desire to play fantasy football.

When it first came around, I hated it. I hated that instead of highlights during my half time show, we had to talk about fantasy points leaders. At my core, I'm sometimes a purist when it comes to sports. Just run the with the ball, knock someone over, call it a day. Why all the gimmicks? Who needs something to make football more entertaining? But as I held firm, the world around me changed. Everyone I knew was joining leagues, starting leagues, either asking advice, asking me to join or wondering if so and so running back would get any receiving yards....So I walked back on my completely anti-stance and started becoming helpful. Why have all this football knowledge and let it go to waste right? But I still refuse to play. I'll sit next to you why you draft, and shake my head when you contemplate a Phily WR, but I will not participate.

During the World Cup, I joined a fantasy league. and I consider it the one and only time I will ever play such a game. It just has no appeal to me. I like watching my team and hoping for plays to happen simply for how it will benefit the Packers. I don't even like betting on the Packers. Last season a friend wanted to wager a 12 pack of Miller Lite that the Packers would be over 9-7. I couldn't do it. It made me very uncomfortable to think that once the Pack acheived that ninth win, my motivation for cheering might be tainted. Back in 2005, Katey and I joined the Harp's (awesome little Irish Bar in mke) football pool. We kicked butt. The pool didn't last the whole season - something tells me the guys at the Harp didn't enjoy losing to Team Skirt who filled out their pool in hot pink magic marker every week. And when it ended, no lie I was a little happy. Maybe I'm old school. Maybe I'm naive. But when I'm stuck watching NFL network pregame as three guys around me frantically try to get their last minute line up changes in, I feel like David. Is This Real Life? Is It Going to Last Forever?

The answer is, yes.

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  1. Fantasy Football may in fact be both the savior and demise of the NFL. Nice post.