Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Monday

I've been relatively mum on here last week. Things have been quite crazy. Writing for, moderating the cheeseheadtv game day blog and now preparing for cheesehead radio on Thursday. I'm quite the lucky girl.

So here's a brief update.

1. the new EPL season began this weekend. Man U plays today, and I can hardly wait. Initial reaction: Chelsea looks scary good. Blackpool makes me want to cheer loudly. I know nothing of their history or about their team, but after their fight last year for promotion and after their stomping of Wigan, I am cheering for them. Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Fulham and Bolton should be interesting to watch. I'm also super excited that Holdon got the start and the 90 mintues with Bolton. He's clearly the future!

2. The reds and the cardinals got in a "fight". I'm using the term fight loosely, as I'm pretty sure the official definition of fight means that someone throws a punch. I think the whole thing is silly. You want to talk trash Brandon Phillips, fine, but then don't friendly tap the catcher to say "hey" when you go up to bat. And catcher (I don't care enough to know your name) chill out! And the rest of the people on the teams, if you're going to get involved in a bench clearing brawl, don't just stand there, that's bad tv. What I want to know is how did it become Phillips' thing to get to tap the catcher AND ump with his bat? That's balsy, and I like it.

3. Lets all take a moment of silence for Dustin Johnson. I feel for the guy. Golf is difficult like that. I'm sure everyone knows, but if you don't: On the 18th hole yesterday Johnson hit his ball into an out of bounds sand dune. Not knowing it was considered an official bunker grounded his club, costing him two strokes. He missed the playoff for the win by 2 strokes. In what other sport does this happen? none.

4. I was really impressed with Neal, Bulaga, and Wilson in the Packers preseason game Saturday. Can't wait to see more.

5. Thanks to Cincinnati and its inability to sell out a preseason game I missed the debut of Tim Tebow last night. But apparently his throwing motion has NOT changed (confirmed via twitter). Why isn't it more clear to the Denver Broncos that a quarterback should be able to throw the ball, and make quick reads of the defense? This should be interesting.

6. Lastly, a new post is up at

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And listen in to Cheesehead radio this Thursday (and every Thursday) where I will be guest hosting in place of Holly (shout out to Holly for helping a sister out these past weeks!). Also, make sure to check out the live game day blog/chat at cheesehead tv on Saturday. Try not to swear or get in fights, make my life easier. :)

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