Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fighting on..

Its been a rough couple of months to be a USC fan/alumni/former student. Sanctions, giving back the heismen, disowning Reggie Bush, law suits, new AD, apparently the dumbest looking media guide on the planet... But our will has always been to fight on has always been USC's strength. And here's why I feel confident that USC will be okay. 1. Its USC, you can't keep power house schools down for long, think back to Paul Hackett. and 2. Because Matt Barkley said this yesterday on ESPN, and it gave me hope, "You can't sanction heart and you can't sanction the will to win."

USC has always been a glitz and glamour kind of school and program. We like style with our wins. But at the heart of it, is a connection, that I'm sure exists at other college programs. Everyone is ONE. The players, the coaches, the students, the community. And no matter how shiny we might like things, at the core, you can take away the tropheys and tell us we can't play in post season, but you can't tell us not to care, and you can't take away the desire to fight for Troy. She is, as Brad Pitt would say, "the mother of us all. Fight for her!" (possible favorite movie quote).

But I'm happy that the very young, QB has taken it upon himself not to complain that his college career is being hampered by the mistakes of others, but instead he has risen to be a leader of the team, and is embracing the future. I likey that.

Okay, that's today's installment of Jayme being a homer.

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