Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thursday at 9pm

I don't care where Lebron goes; him having a tv show to announce it is ridiculous; I'm putting 10 dollars on B Favre getting in a private jet and circling over the midwest at about 8:55 pm EDT Thursday night; I did have a pretty sweet dream that involved a Lebron song and dance explaining where he's going to go.

Is anyone going to watch this? Is anyone going to watch it and then admit they did? Is anyone going to watch this and not be pissed off?

In other news: I am now making a solid showing in my WC fantasy league. Thanks Sneijder.


  1. LW must respectfully disagree about LeB. I think it is a genius move on his part. ESPN now has a vested interest in keeping quiet and LeB controls his story. The Boys and Girls Clubs get money. That being said and aside from as an Ohioan, I'd like to see him stay with the Cavs, I don't really care what he does. Nothing is going to start making me watch the NBA.

  2. Oh I do think that its a genius marketing move - and by all means, we're the morons who give him this power. and giving to charity makes it hard for people to hate on him. I just think that this kind of spectacle is ridiculous. Maybe I'm just jaded after the Favre thing, I just want people to make their decisions, stick to it, inform people and move on.