Tuesday, July 20, 2010

an oldie, but a goodie

A while back I wrote about how I had Ryan Grant's tickets to a packer game. Today I mentioned on twitter that my favorite GB/chicago game was my first Lambeau game, and I got to thinking about this post, about when I had Edgar Bennett's tickets.

A trip down memory lane. Packers vs. Bears November 16, 2008, my first game at Lambeau


  1. Neat story. How did you get Edgar Bennett's tickets?

  2. My friend Katey used to live in Green Bay with her now ex-boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend's dad owns a lot of car dealerships and knows a lot of the players. It was a Gold package weekend, so a lot of Katey's normal ticket connections didn't have tickets, so ex-boyfriend's dad asked around, and Edgar Bennett sold him his tickets. She called and told me we got his tickets while I was driving. I was freaking out; looking back its amazing I was able to stay in my lane.