Tuesday, July 27, 2010

quiet times

With the whirlwind of birthdays, these have been relatively quiet times from me.

But let me just throw a couple of things out there.

1. Kansas City beat Man U. And they beat them with 10 men. Not really a lot to say here. Good for them. Hope Kansas City and the MLS can use it as a building block, but on the real, I don't think a month from now ManU players are really going to be thinking about or concerned about a loss to Kansas City.

2. Chicharito! I can NOT wait to see him in a ManU jersey on Friday Funny thing is, apparently I will have to wait a couple more days and one half of a soccer game. Chicharito is playing the first half of the game with his former club, Chivas de Guadalajara, and the second half with ManU. If this isn't the strangest thing I have ever heard, I don't know what is.

3. Dez Bryant. I do not care. So he didn't want to carry Roy Williams pads. Let Roy Williams and the Cowboys deal with that. If that's their ritual/hazing/expectations and he doesn't want to, then that's their issue. Not mine. Not yours. I admit, I'm a fan of this kid. I want him to do well. I think he very unfairly got a bad rap and I want him to prove people wrong. But seriously, him not wanting to carry Roy Williams' pads (and let's not fool ourselves, Roy Williams is NOT a big star on the team) is not a big deal in my life.

4. Maurice Clarett. I posted this after the car chase arrest in August of 2006. Yesterday news came accross the wire that Clarett was out of jail and once again attending Ohio State. I honestly, couldn't be happier for the guy. I don't know him from Adam, grew up learning to despise OSU people, but honestly his life hit rock bottom as much as anyone's could and to see him back in school is hopeful. Good luck to him.

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