Tuesday, July 6, 2010

weekend wrap up


Brazil's out of the World Cup, and Dunga is out of a job. All those saying they saw this coming are lying. No matter how good one thought Netherlands is/was, i don't believe anyone who said they had Brazil out before Uruguay.

Speaking of Uruguay, way to cheat your way into the semis! That game was Ghana's. But as I say that, I also believe that the one game suspension for Suarez is the right call. (Can't change a rule mid tournament), and while clearly that would have been a Ghana goal at the end of extra time, if you want the win, TAKE it. And they didn't. It was heartbreaking, yes. Would I have loved to see Ghana win and a team from Africa move on. Yes! I doubt the WC will return to the continent anytime soon; that was their chance. But this is not a Disney movie. So while my heart goes out to Ghana, "what happened, happened." Nevertheless, it was some of the most intense and amazing moments of the World Cup.

That was up until the Spain/Paraguay game. I was suffering from a migraine all Saturday, but luckily enough SB woke me up just in time to see perhaps the strangest 5 minutes of soccer. Penalty kick Paraguay. Saved by Casillas. Penalty kick Spain. Converted. Oh but wait, Pique's (I think it was Pique, but it might have been someone else) foot was crossing the penalty box as Alonso (who was on my fantasy team!!) kicked the ball. Re-kick. Saved. The only time two penalty kicks were saved in one World Cup game. Classic.

So Dunga's out of a job, the South Korea coach is out of a job. And somehow Bob Bradley still has one. Baffles me. Listen, after the World Cup, the coach generally leaves. Maradona might even leave. And Brazil lost to a good team, Korea lost to a good team, Argentina lost to a good team. And they all still leave. I'm done with thinking half way is good enough. BB's contract is up in December, lets move on already people.

In non-soccer news. Lebron is still a free agent.

Responses to Mike and Mike in the Morning.

1. No, not every MLB team should be represented in the All-Star game. The best are the best. You can't in one breath try to make the game more significant and at the same time also make it a consolation prize.

2. There is a difference between being a fan of the game, and a fan of a team. When your team is out of it, ie. playoffs/tournament and you don't want to watch the rest of it, either one of two things is happening. 1. you're a fan of the team and not really of the sport itself or 2. you're bitter. I don't care if you're only a fan of the team, but then don't walk around saying you love the sport but you can't watch it. When the Packers lost to the Giants in that stupid NFC championship game, I was MAD at football, I took some time off from listening to ESPN radio, but I still watched the superbowl. When the USMNT team lost to Ghana, I was MAD at soccer, but I still dragged my very hungover butt downstairs and turned on the England/Germany game. If that's not you, fine. That's you, but don't pretend its the same. Cause its not.

Looking ahead

Back when I did my first WC bracket, I had Germany beating Spain in the Semis as payback for the 2008 Euros. After Ballack got hurt, I waffled. So while at one point I really believed in Germany, I will admit that I didn't stand behind it. So tomorrow, if Germany does win, I get no credit. There, I said it.

Also, today I look like a lobster. Sunburn is fun. Really kids, it is.

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  1. Couldn't agree more regarding the All-Star game.