Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And a big green and gold welcome to...

Dimitri Nance.

The Packers have signed rookie running back, Dimitri Nance, off of the Falcons practice squad. Nance played for ASU, but honestly I don't remember him from last years game. Word on the street is that he's a low runner and has dreads, can't be all bad right?

In other break your ankle news, Antonio Valencia was carted off with oxygen and immediately taken to the hospital following this tackle. I put it as a link as really its not for the squeamish.

Also, in breaking my heart news, Reggie Bush has announced he is returning his Heisman Trophy. Really, its the right thing to do. They ruled him ineligible and therefore he shouldn't have been able to win the award. I don't think it should go to anyone else, as I don't think I could stand the site of VY holding the trophy. I wish Reg would have said something more in his release about returning the trophy. Perhaps an apology. But alas, that day may never come.

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