Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And scene...

Late night, Chilly's office

BF: Dude man, we need to talk. You didn't tell me this team would be crap.
Chilly: Well maybe if there weren't so many intercept...
BF: WHAT did you just say to me? I'm Brent Favre, no wait, Lord Voldemort, oh hell, you know who I am, I am perfect, I am a god, this is not my fault. You need to fix this.
Chilly: (cowering in corner) Yes, Brent, I'm mean Lord, I mean...
BF: you know what to call me
Chilly: Sorry, Yes Daddy, but what should I do?
BF: Get that guy Moss in here, the one the Packers wouldn't give me, not the other one. He'll know how to catch my balls.
Chilly: Yes Daddy. Anything else?
BF: Where's my phone, and my crocs, and my balls, I got work to do!

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