Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WC brief wrap up

As we start the final leg of the group stage, I thought I'd take a look back at a couple of things that I have learned thus far.

1. I am bad at picking a fantasy team.
2. Latin American countries might end up being the stars of this World Cup. Hello Uruguay y Mexico. And yay for my main guy, Chicharito! Can't wait to see him in a Man U jersey next season!
3. Having a loaded squad does not equal dominance. Hello France, England, Germany, Spain.
4. Having the world on your side and home court does not always provide Disney movie endings. Hello South Africa.
5. Getting a red card or giving up a penalty kick has not been hard; however converting the free kick or penalty kick has been.
6. Apparently the refs only had to be good for one round at a time. Stellar in round one, weak in round two.
7. the 30 for 30 "The two Escobars" premieres tonight. Seeing how at one time it really was a matter of life and death I think we all should be a little concerned for the North Korean team.
8. Rain makes Portugal better; Ronaldo can amuse even himself.
9. Having a crazy coach can sometimes bring out the best; having a calm coach can sometimes bring out a curse filled tirade.
10. Vuvuzelas are the new Beenie Babies. They're here to take over the world people!

My lovely sister is in town this week, so actual posts and reflection will take a back seat. Promise more next week.

Its a little over 24 hours out and I'm anxious! Bring on Algeria. Come on you YANKS!


  1. Vuvuzelas need to go away like Beenie babies did.... Coach of the tourney so far: Maradona. Who would have thought? Although I have to give props to Bob Bradley as well. I doubted him like no other but his adjustments thus far have been spot-on.

  2. They will go the way of the Beenie Babies. A couple of years from now garage sales across the country will have Vuvuzela bins.

    Before the WC started I said I wanted to see good adjustments from BB and so far he has gone beyond my expectations. He's displaying great knowledge of when to leave guys in and is not afraid to make adjustments when players or schemes aren't working. Impressed as well.