Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010; the best day ever!

So lets all just say it together "Today was the BEST DAY EVER!"

(you'll note if you become a frequent reader, I really like to list things)

1. Today started last night with the viewing of Espn's 30 for 30 "The Two Escobars". Fantastic film; well told; great/tragic story. Pretty much should be required viewing anytime, but especially now during the world cup. My summation of the film: Columbia combined violence, drugs, and soccer and rose to greatness. Only two out of the three survived.

2. This morning I received a twitter message asking if I would like to be a guest blogger/panelist on Packer Transplants. Yes! A thousand times yes! Talking/typing Packers with people that appreciate Packers (and understand football), is like a gift from heaven for this girl! (side note: show ended up being cancelled but I was promised a spot on a show during training camp! CAN'T WAIT!)

3. The USA game. Oh where, oh where to begin. I was in charge of giving "Joers quality updates" to a friend, who's from Nigeria, LOVES England and likes the USA. I think my thumbs hurt from texting :). England scored in the 23rd. My stomach remained in knots until Donovan saved all. People at work did find me some Tums, so that helped....

First off, I definitely 100% approve of not starting/playing Spector. 1. I don't think Onyewu was playing that bad, but I'm guessing that his form just wasn't where Bradley wanted it to be for this crucial match. 2. Spector played like garbage against the Czech Republic! And saying garbage is me being nice. Yes, there were a lot of other tactical issues that the US had that day, but Spector was slow, lazy and never where he was supposed to be. I don't care if he has more experience; if he's sucking he's not playing. So I was all behind the Bornstein pick. Immediately made me think back to the last game in qualifying and the last minute header; and I worried that this too would be a nail biter.

I believe that the US played a solid game. The Dempsey goal should have stood (and would have given me TONS of fantasy points as he was my captain!!!). And really the woodwork was killing us. Seven shots on goal to their two midway through the second half and it was still zero zero.

Bob Bradley made me appreciate his ability to adjust the team even more. He knows how to might slight tactical changes, and when and where to insert fresh legs and talent.

Donovan sure has a lot of haters, but let's all agree that for at least a little while, he's our hero.

4. Since the US won the group, they will play Saturday and I will be in MKE for the game. Made plans to watch game with the bestest of best friends! Can't wait!

5. While talking about being in mke for the game with AP reporter friend on twitter mentioned that I watched the game online while working. He's doing a story about people who watch the games while working. He called and interviewed me!

6. Germany won its group, and Ghana moves on. USA is paired with Ghana. Hey, let's avenge 2006!! And we're in the grouping with Uruguay and South Korea. I'm preferring this to the Mexico/Argentina/Germany fun that England has.

7. While ALL of this was going on, two young men, who I had never heard of played the longest match in tennis history. The Isner/Mahut Wimbeldon match was called at 10 hours with game 5 tied at 59-59. Will be continued tomorrow! Insane times.

8. And now I get to go celebrate the USA win with my bestest boy SB and bestest sister!

Can you tell I like the word bestest??

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