Friday, June 11, 2010


Well its here. Its after one am edt and today is officially BEAT ENGLAND DAY and HATE ENGLAND DAY! I'm vacationing with SB and his brother and Ally is Cleveland. Phish Show tomorrow night, hoping to be celebrating a great victory well into the night.

I'm going to refrain from any real posts until we get back. Today's games were mixed for me. The South Africa/Mexico match was great, exciting. And yes, he was offsides. The France/Uru game was boring, so boring that I took a half time nap that turned into a half hour nap. But I did enjoy the hand ball issue and it made me realize that I think the only fair way to deal with the Henry handball controversy, is to let each team that France plays in the World Cup get one free hand ball.

The Greece game is not less than 6 hours away, time to prepare!

(side note: I am still a TROJAN and will always be! FIGHT ON! expect a post on it soon.)

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