Thursday, June 3, 2010

News worthy, rants edition

1. Would like to send out a hugely sarcastic thanks and swift kick in the back side to ESPN news for reporting earlier today that US Forward Jozy Altidore was HOSPITALIZED with a sprained ankle. Panic spread throughout the USMNT faithful, which luckily was calmed slightly when it was clarified that he was AT the hospital getting precautionary x-rays which were negative. The US needs Altidore, its still frightening but someone over at copy/edit at ESPN news must know the difference between hospitalized and getting x-rays.

2. It is incredibly sad to me, that according to news reports, legendary coach, John Wooden has died five times tonight. First they report it, then they take it back, then they re-report it. The man is in grave condition in the hospital (FYI espn, Wooden is hospitalized), and is 99 years old. The odds are against him, and I get that at this delicate a juncture verifying stories must be complicated, but before anyone announces I'm dead, I really hope there's some fact checking involved. Man's practically the most influential college coach ever (and sadly a bruin), I think he is owed more dignity than tonight's news flubs are giving him.

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