Thursday, June 3, 2010


An update on the Johnny Jolly situation.

I'm really happy he passed the hair folicle drug test.

I'm not really happy that his use of drugs doesn't seem to be the problem; instead Its looking like he "bought, sold, funded, transported and aided in the buying, selling, funding and transportation of illegal narcotics including cocaine and marijuana". Or at least that's what Greg Bedard is reporting of the court documents.

The Packers need to cut this loose. We don't have time for this. Primed to win the division and in for a fight with the Vikings for control, the Packers do not need this distraction, nor do they need Jolly. The time is now to cut him, sign the tender and set him free. Shore up the defensive line during on going OTA's and training camp. We'll be fine; just not so sure he will be.

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