Tuesday, June 29, 2010

shoot out part 2

So 1. I think I get a little credit for semi-calling the shoot out in today's first game!

2. Trey Wingoz just asked on Twitter: worse way to end a game: Penalty kicks in soccer, or overtime rules in college football?

Honestly, I like both of those options. College overtime rule may seem a little "sissy." but come on! its college. And it adds strategy to the game. on a fourth down, do you kick it, knowing the other team could beat you with a touchdown? or do you go for it and risk no points?!!?!! I like it! and penalty kicks, PENALTY KICKS! is there anything more intense? In "American" football we make a big deal about a place kicker and the pressure of making a winning field goal at the end of the game. PKs are like the same thing, but more. Does it kind of suck that one team can lose because one player missed, or because one keeper made a great save? yeah, a little. but hey, that's the game. don't want it to come down to that? then win during regular time. You get 120 minutes!

Overtime rules will never be universally liked, but I'm standing firm that @wingoz is a fool on this one!

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