Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Over lunch today, I casually mentioned a sports celebrity (and I use celebrity in a loose terms, as this person is known through out the nation, but definitely not on Kobe or Lebron terms) that was on espn the day before and one of the girls I was with casually threw out, "he cheats on his wife."

Apparently this girl has a friend who this sports person flies around and spends time with when good ol' wifey is not around.

I don't care.

I don't.

I've seen some tv interviews and read some of this guy's quotes and honestly I'm not 100% impressed by his character. But I really don't feel the need to know whether this guy is faithful to his wife. I tried to laugh it off.

In the midst of Tiger Woods and Jesse James, I get it most of society feels that it has a right to know the personal lives of our athletes. But as long as their on the right side of the law, its not really my business. Nor does it really affect how I view this person. Would I invite them over to dinner. No, but they also would never come either.

I also just am over talking about the negative personal choices that some people make. I'd rather talk about how they play or preform or maybe something decent and honest the person has done.

Whatever this guy does or doesn't do, and whatever type of relationship(s) he has with his wife or any other women its not my business and its not really her business to sit around and tell.

I left lunch with a very awkward feeling and felt the need to add my two cents on this.

**EDIT! For the record, after a little research on my part, turns out this certain sports player is currently divorced.

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