Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Champions!

Things I'm over:

1. Johnny Jolly. If he does somehow manage to avoid jail time, all I can say is Welcome to Cincinnati. Your days as a Packer are clearly over.

2. B Favre. I'm bad at making decisions. But at least I don't need a group of 20 year old guys to decide my fate for me.

Anyways, today's a bigger day. Cardiff and Blackpool are fighting it out in classic fashion for promotion. Follow @bradmartin311 if you want really good updates! (shout out!)

and Champions League final today! Last year I was a nervous wreck. We sat my Glory Glory poster out in the front yard, and I spent many minutes pacing outside in the rain. Today, while more than mildly disappointed that my team is not playing in the final, I am looking forward to a classic match. Not even fully sure who to root for. Just want good football! (see, I'm trying, I said football, not soccer!!).

1 comment:

  1. Should be a great game. Oh, and you should root for Bayern Munich. I will let you wear my Toni shirt if ya want. haha the Bavarian Giants got this one. no treble for Jose!