Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Cold Weather Superbowl

Last night when SB got home, I asked him for his opinion on the super bowl...

Him: What do you mean?
Me: They picked New York/New Jersey for the locaton.
Him: So?
Me: Its the first cold weather super bowl.
Him: So?

Honestly I think that's the most appropriate response.

I get that weather impacts the game. But it is my opinion that this is a game that both teams have two weeks to prepare for. If a team is truely great, they'd be able to game plan and figure out a way to, gasp, play outdoors. Super Bowls have been played in rain, have been played in 39 degrees; I fail to believe that there is anything that New York/New Jersey could bring that would lead to the downfall of the superbowl.

Every other game in the season and in the playoffs is played regardless of weather (sans lightning, don't want to kill anyone here). Every game presents different problems/circumstances. Injuries, weather, technical difficulties, different opponents, all present challenges for a team. If a team can't over come them, then maybe they shouldn't win the super bowl. Hell maybe they shouldn't even be playing in it.

The Super Bowl, and football, has never been about having the most level playing field. If you honestly think that the playing field was level when the Bears played the Colts a couple years back, I have some nice beach front property in Nevada to sell you.

Get over the weather people. The average temp for New York, NY that time of year is 39 degrees. I'm pretty sure no one ever died from having to watch a football game in 39 degrees weather. In fact, I know some people in Green Bay who would consider that balmy!

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  1. I'm excited about a cold weather super bowl. Football isn't a t-shirts and shorts game. It's meant to be something you bundle up for, tuck away hand warmers, and brave with your "game face". I honestly never felt like I was watching a serious football game unless I was wearing tights under my jeans for warmth.