Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just don't get it....

This article basically sums up why soccer fans get so angry at main stream media when they try to talk about soccer.

Soccer Editorial

Most of the fans that were in attendence for that game, I'm sure, understand the game better than the writer of this article and understand that the players weren't "rested". The game was to audition the other guys for the world cup roster. Most fans assumed early on that Donovan et al wouldn't be playing, and most fans got confirmation of that earlier in the day.

Its also pretty alarming that acccording to this writer Onyewu and Holden are not stars of the game. Considering they both play in Europe in major leagues and on major teams, and that they both are coming off injuries and many fans were curious to see how they'd play, I'm thinking that few were disappointed that they were on the pitch.

Why do people continue to give their opinion and write about subjects that they clearly know little about?

On another soccer tip, an AP writer/twitter friend is doing a piece on Soccer Bars in the U.S. For Tuesday's game he was at Highbury in Milwaukee - which if you haven't been there, you should check it out! - and is now trying to get info about Piper's in PIT or Amsterdam in STL, so if anyone's been to either, lemme know. Thx.

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  1. I read that article and I can kind of see his point. If it were a International friendly in like a year... But during the Czech game, the most important thing Coach Bradley could do is get a good look at the players on the bubble........ Like I said, I do understand what he meant with the Donovan thing from a Marketing standpoint but at this point right before WC, that writer proved to be ill-informed