Monday, April 26, 2010

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Hello and Welcome.

My name is Jayme. And I love sports. Football, Soccer, baseball, basketball, you name it. I'm from Wisconsin and sports is in my blood. In 1996 I memerized the entire Green Bay Packer roster, just because. In 2000, I went to USC and watched the rebirth of one of the great college programs. I bleed country pride with US Soccer and will sing Glory Glory Man United till I'm blue in the face. Mostly though I just enjoy the way sports mixes with daily life, as a means of entertainment, betting, and social commentary. I'm also a civic nerd (also memorized the U.S. presidents). I have a photographic memory and it serves me well for these purposes.

I love writing, and I love thinking and talking sports. This is my meager and amatuer attempt to share my musings on sports and the world in general with people. Hopefully some day it will grow into something respectable and sight worthy, but for now it will just be random thoughts about the world at large.

Side note: In general I am a horrible speller. I also tend to let my emotions rule my beliefs on sports, i.e. I still get angry any time I see anything related to Texas (thanks 2006 Rose Bowl) and I spent a year argueing with people why drafting anyone from Notre Dame was sure to ruin your nfl team.


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