Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FeartheDeer Game 4

So last night's game in the Milwaukee/Altanta series was intensely exciting. Milwaukee kept pulling away and then Atlanta would claw their way back in. The Bradley Center was a live and jumping. Section 6, arguably one of the most engaged and dramatic fan zones was on fire. Yet, if you lived outside of the Milwaukee/Atlanta markets or don't have the NBA network, you missed it all. Why? because watching the Magic sweep the Bobcats was marquee.

Okay, I can argue till I'm blue in the face why my team is more important that anyone elses and why, despite not living in my hometown anymore I am entitled to see any game I want, but I won't - or at least I'll try really hard not to. Both games last night were important. Milwaukee tied its series, the Magic won theirs. Its the playoffs. These are not games in the middle of January. If espn, Ted Turner, and the NBA can't figure out a way to show me every game played in the middle of the season, fine. I'll accept that. But these are not regular games. These are playoffs. Championships are won and lost, momentum is gain, its "DO OR DIE!". And yet, they can't seem to find a way to nationally televise these games. Yes, there's the pretty NBA network. And yes, who wouldn't love the money that your own network would bring. Seems like every pro league has their own. And it makes sense. I have the NFL ticket and NFL network. I can watch every game, and I can get NFL and NFL games any time I want. I love it. That's the regular season. Should we have to pay more to watch play off games? No. If you're a die hard fan of a team and then game, then you probably have these channels or by this time in the season have developed a means for watching these games. But casual fans, of both teams and the league, should have the opportunity to watch a play off game.

I heard that this was the second game of the series that was not nationally televised. I spent 15 minutes last night searching for a link online to watch the game to no avail.

CBS, Espn, and Turner found a way to get us all, ALL, of the NCAA tourney games. Every game available, despite region. And yet, we can not manage a way to broadcast the NBA playoffs. FAIL.

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