Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mr. Baseball

Just wanted to send out a note of thanksgiving and prayers for a speedy recovery for Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker who is undergoing heart surgery soon and will be out of the booth 10 to 12 weeks.

Growing up, I remember riding in the Uecker ride for the Arts every June. I remember watching Uecker on Mr. Belvedere, and I remember sitting in my room, by myself, listening to his voice on the radio. I remember missing him during the strike, and remember him being one of the reasons I decided to come back to the game.

I think every town has that kind of connection with their radio play by play announcer. Maybe not every town, but there are a lot of older towns, with older announcers who have seemed to always be tied with the team. Its hard to imagine the gme, the team without them. In the years of the stalker, when he didn't travel to all the games and we have to have games with out him, it felt weird. I also remember being at Miller Park, by the broadcast booth that was guarded by police and you weren't allowed to linger infront of it.

Anyways, we all have those connections. And I wish him and his family and the brew crew well.

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