Sunday, November 7, 2010

FNL- Epi 2; On the outside...

So peeps, my recap is a couple days late, but its here nonetheless.

Let's start with the best part of the show, Luke traded a pig for Becky. It was rally girl selection time at East Dillon. Vince got himself the slutty redhead - those gingers are tricky - but declined cause he has Jesse. Tink got Becky. Luke look dismayed, "but we made a baby." Later after a "wild" party, where Luke is pissed cause he's suspended, the slutty red head drinks a lot and Jesse throws up, we find out that Luke has traded his beloved pig to Tink to have Becky as his rally girl. The beginning of all great love stories. Becky arrives home to the Riggins' house after learning her worth to find Mindy - who was previously threatened by Becky's young and skinny-ness - and Billy waiting up for her. She's worth a pig and has an ex-stripper caring about her. She's hit the bank!

Principal/guidance counselor Tammy Taylor is still having troubles at East Dillon, but makes some strides in this epi. She convinces the poorly named Epic to stop smoking in the school parking lot, and gets her to come to a meeting. She also goes out to happy hour with the very bitchy teachers at E.D. and gets some drink spilled on her. This warms the heart of the meanest of the mean girls and looks like the after school tutoring session might not be for naught.

But the real story is on the field. The Lions don't get ranked. And the board of some important group is reviewing Luke's awesome tackle for the previous game. Turns out, most people aren't happy with the Lions winning. The players complain the whole epi about not being ranked. Coach Taylor tries to calm the storm, until he finds out that Luke's suspension is also bs and due to people hatin' on them. So pregame Coach walks into the locker room and writes the word STATE on the board. We have ourselves a battle.

Next week, on a very special episode of FNL, we examine a you tube video of the "wild" party. Very drunk, slutty red head is shown and then shots of the Lions players in attendence. We see clips of a speech in response to the video from Coach Taylor and I can now fully imagine what it must have been like in the Bengals locker room. So, thus far, we have a tackling issue and a character issue; is Roger Goodell now a script writer for FNL??

Also, I don't want to leave out that Vince is awesome. He received many letters of interest from schools, and got his momma a job.

Can't wait for more episodes. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!


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